Hi, My name's Lucy

I tumble. Falling. I'm screaming. Maybe I should stop, I mean my scream is very high pitched.

I hit the floor. "Ouch, rude much!" I shout up at the portal.

Then it snaps such. I try to get to my feet and freeze. I scream once again but end up coughing cause my throats sore.

My arms are thin and the skin very pale. It's like my whole body's shrunk in size.

Okay, when I sometimes wanted to be a bit smaller I didn't think it would literally happen.

I get to my feet and squeal when I find it so easy to get up. My bodies so light but thats not the reason I found it so easy.

I look back at the vines that grew to help me up.

"You have got to be kinding me" I whisper stepping back. I see a lake futher off.

Wait, I'm in a field. No time.

I run over to the lake. And look at my reflection. My face still has high cheek bones but is a lot smaller. My eyes are still the same greyish blue with hints of a sea type of  green.

Then my hair. Its a light brown and hangs down to my waist like a straight veil. I jump up and back and its like the water jumps with me.

This world is strange. I hear a sort of ripping and turn to see a portal opening up in the air.

"Oh, here come company" I say.

The End

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