I've been sneaking through the city catching glimpes of my pursuers from time to time. It was painful to seem and have the ability to end there lives but not in fear of a trap.  I scramble on rotting cement , I try to run faster , but it crumbles away slamming  me, and itself to the ground in a huge crashing noise.  I waste no time to stand up and arm my gun as I hear running feet of my pursuers coming rate at me.  The first one that show its face recieves five shots to the face.  It drops to the ground with a thump. Fire crashes to the ground beside me , I get slightly singed, but otherwise unhurt.The smoke clears 4 of them stood around me atop of ruins.

" Your time has come to an end Human!"  A female sieminas yells.

" My time doesn't end until everylast drop of blood leaves my body."  I replie calmly taking the time to get my pistol out.

"Arrogance ,its one of humanity's many flaws. Kill him!"  She orders.

My pistol flys from its holster and shoots blowing one Sieminas head rate of the second I clip its shoulder, for the other two my assualt rifle misses each shot but keeps them at bay.  They re-group my pistol taking another shot as I drop the assualt rifle. Its hit the already injured one , not killing it but making him completly immobile. I take a barrage of shots until the case pops out meaning the it needs to cool.  I clip it to the holster and out comes the 3 foot , and 5 inched thick sword which was made of light wieght metals.

" Your actually a challenge considering your a human, but its time we give you a taste of our abilities." The women says her companion raiser her hand and a slight whine in the wind, flames grow in his palm. I run forwards raising the sword the blast of fire is released the wall coming ever closer in seconds, time began to slow. I brought the sword down piercing the earth, I crouched and did my best to stay behind it. The wall passes  by burning the sleave of my jacket and slightly bruning my skin. I hop over the the blade my hands still gripping and it flip over cutting the fire sieminas who was aproaching across the torso. He hits the ground in pain I continue forwards to the leader, who disapears and appears before me and before I know it I'm sailing backwards across the ruins, breathless. I hit and slide across the ground, still holding the sword in hand I get up dazed.

" Why do you humans hold onto life with death grip?"

" Because being dead happens to suck." I replie my chest hurting but otherwise in good condition.

"Such an inferior weak race." She says before flashing towards me. I roll left bring my sword right and up hopefully catching her.  It doesn't but I dodged a heavy blow.  She quickly counters grabbing my left arm, and pulling me towards her fist.  I bring my lef up to stop it the momentum shocking my leg and pushing her backwards.  My right arm comes down towards her, it barely cuts across her cheek and pierces the ground. She throws me off her I hitting a pillar and the sword is tossed just missing my head piercing above me. I considered myself lucky.  I pull it out and slice down as she appears before me , the blade stops just abover her heart.

" We may be arrogant, we may be weak , but what makes us better is our death grip to life."  I say

" You bastard , Aravek won't let you live." She says with the last of her strength picks me up and slams me into a wall breaking a couple ribs and my arm, finally some real damage.

" You actually think your leader is going to miss you and your squad?" I laugh

" No but hs is going to want to face the human who took 5 sieminas completley alone , and kills them with only minor injuries." 

I wince as I sit up, " I doubt it severly he would make the effort." I relases the pistol and shoot her to the head, and bring it back to its holster, I clean the sword of and pick up the assualt rifle.  I hurt but I needed to move.

The End

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