The human attacked first, firing a couple of shots. I span around him avoiding the bulletes and uppercutted with my staff. It caught his arm.

He fell down and pulled out a machete. I jabbed down but he parried the attack and pulled himself up. I span from the parry and made a sweeping arc which he jumped back to avoid.

I span my blades in a butterfly, an impenetrable defence. He tried to attack but the machete was hit hard, jarring his arm and causing him to drop his blade. He pulled out a pistol and shot.

I changed the windforce causing the bullet to graze my side.

I threw my staff like a javelin and charged towards him. The javelin missed but before he could gather himself I kicked him in the chest. He fell wheezing to the floor and knelt before him.

"You humans have desecrated this sacred earth," I spat next to his head, "we are mother nature's answer to an attack force... the world as you know it is over... you're miserable rein is ended."

I pulled out a knife and slit his throat. He gargled, blood foaming from his mouth until his eyes lost focus and his body became still.

A few soldiers saw what happened. They were shocked to say the least.

"Sargaent Carter is dead, all units retreat!" he called into his radio.

"RANGERS!" I called.

"But warchief they are retreating-"

"Disobey and order? attack them now!"

The rangers reluctantly shot their arrows, others flung shards of ice into the air, a hail of bitter death.

A few escaped.

"Warchief," Beorn murmured. His heavy frame came around a wall, his furs bustling in the wind, "shall we return to base now, it would seem victory is ours," I nodded, staring hatefully into the distance. I turned to face him and smiled, "you did excellently my brother," I patted his shoulder, "now home."

The End

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