Do I hate the Sieminas?  I have to say I have issues with the bastards, what they did to my home, my family, me, so to be quite honest yes I do. But I don't go out of my way to hurt them I have a few morales , I won't shoot child soldiers, I won't attack the defenceless. Yes this gets me in tight spots but from all my experience with them I grown a strange belief, I don't die easy by their hands.  I put the last of the combat gear on and slide a large sword on my back. I love swords they are an honorable weapon. I carry three the sword, assualt rifle, and a new prototype pistol ( My favourite weapon)I clamber out of a destroyed bunker , my rag tag squad holding there weapons loosely.

" Took you long enough Sarge!"

" Private I advise you shuddup."  I say calmly locking the assualt rifle into posistion. My orange eyes survey the grounds looking for the enemy, " No turn up of the corporall eh? Either he is some Siemina's dinner or he is lucky and safe." The private mutter enviouse.

" Missing corporall Adam already  Smith." Another one of my squad jeers.

" Get down."  I hiss quietly.  I see a squad of the bastards not to far ahead. 

Everyone drops I give them directions by hand to get to cover and engage after my first shot. I crawl up to a broken cement piece Rebar protuding dangerously out of it. I take the saftey off and wait a few more seconds for my enemy to get closer, there was going to be no escape for them.  I launch myself into the air , and fire a shot directly into the eye of the opposing squad he falls to the ground. Fire begins to explode from the others. I take more shots hitting targets. However before my feet hit the ground a powerful punch impacts my chest shattering all the protective plates on the vest. All I had left to protect me was the gell.

I fly backwards impacting a wall which shatters as my body falls in a ragdoll fashion to the ground. I breathed deeply forgetting the pain, getting to my feet , bringing the assualt rifle to my shoulder I take out more Sieminas before the ground begins to shake violenly.

" Pull back!" I order. Too late large waves of ground smother the sqaud instantly suffocating them. I flee and press my back against a wall. 

" This is Sargent Shard, requiring pick up is overun!" I say into the radio.

" Sorry Sargent, all resources are focussed on a larger scaled battle. Good luck."  The line kicks out, and I was screwed , and had no allies for about a 15 mile radius.

I hold the assualt rifle close to my chest, I breathed in deeply, I'm going to live!

The End

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