'If you'll just put the knife down then I'll tell you.'  The man was still breathing heavily.

'Not likely,' I said, my knife still pressed firmly against his jugular vein.  'I don't trust you.'  He was human, that much I could tell but that didn't make him someone I could trust.  He could be a spy sent to recruit me into the army.

'OK then.'  He swallowed.  'My name is Adam and I'm a deserter.  I ran away from the frontline about two days ago and I've only just found this place where I can shelter without being found.'

'How do I know I can trust you?  Do you know who I am?'

'I have no idea, just let me go.  Please.'  I considered my options.  I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I killed him but if he was a spy then I would be killed.

'Alright, but if you try anything funny with me..'

'I won't, I promise.'  Adam hurridly said.  I slowly brought the knife down and he stepped away from me rubbing his neck where I had left a faint line.  'So I've told you who I am, who are you?'

'I'm Mina.  You should come in and warm up.  It's cold out there.'  I put my knife back in my boot as I sat down again by the fire.  Adam sat next to me.  He wasn't bad looking for a soldier.  Most of the army men you see are horribly beaten up, such is the nature of this warfare.  He had a rugged look about him.  Jet black hair that hadn't been cut for a while and his face which was covered in stubble.

'So what are you doing here then Mina?'  He asked casually.

'I'm hiding,' was my reply.

The End

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