Today was one of those rare occasions when Malc brought me food.  It wasn't often that he forgot to bring something when he visited me but on the occasion when he did forget it was felt greatly.

He didn't stop long.  He doesn't talk to me like he used to, there is someone more important he wants to spend time with.  Not that he's told me about whoever it is but I know him well enough to know when he's hiding something.  It must be pretty big if he can't tell me.

I don't mind him having someone else to talk to, it just can get a bit lonely when you're hiding.

He left and I was alone again.  It was starting to get cold and there was no way of getting heat other than the age old method of building a fire.  I had collected some dry wood a few days ago but I would have to try and find some more soon, my pile was getting smaller by the day.

I made a small fire and got it lit, settling down beside it, wrapped in a blanket, to warm up.  I was nodding off when I heard something outside.  I carefully took off my blanket and reached inside my boot for the knife I had concealed there. 

The noise I had heard was footsteps and they were getting slowly closer and closer.  I could hear heavy breathing from the other side of the wall.  I slowly edged along my side of the wall, back against the cold stone, knife pressed against my side.  I reached the archway that had once been a door and stopped.  Whoever it was had stopped at exactly the same point.  Who would make the first move?

I jumped around the wall knocking the gun out of the shocked man's hand, wrapping my arm around his shoulders and putting my knife to his throat.

'Who are you and what are you doing here?'  I hissed in his ear.

The End

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