Inthe meadow everything was peacful I sat with legscrossed in the middle, looking at the scienary. All different kinds of flowers growing, they were gracefuuly blowing in the light breeze.

Then I hear it guns firing in the distant, people screaming in fear and pain I closed my eyes and lay back and thought. I hope with all my heart and if there is a god please let Vernia be ok, please I care or her so much.

"Time to wake up Malc" I heard someone whisper I opened my eyes and sore two crystal eyes shining down into mine, pale green skin, cat like face and fer forestgreen wavy hair falling around he face.

It was Vernia she was ok I sat up straight away and cuddled her "Vernia your ok I was so worried I heard guns firing and people screaming I was worried so worried are you ok yor not hurt are you Ill kill who ever hurt you pl-" I was cut off as se put who finger to my lip to signal to shut up. and she giggled.

"Malc you do this nearly every time we meet, you need to have more trust and confidants in me, yes humns were firing at us, we lost some people today. No Im not hurt not one scratch and you have to remeber Im the stronger one out of both of us"

I looked into her eyes she was always able to calm me down with her words, I wished my father would drop this silly war then he would know her, know how wonderful she is and how special she is to me. I wanted to protect her but deep down I know I cant and Ill have to choose one day and its killing me inside.

"My fathers been going on about marrige today and taking my rightful placenext to him" I sighed and looked away from her I could sense the paik in her mind.

"Malc you can do whats best for you Im sure there lots of humans who would to be your wife" she said trying to stay happy though her mind said another thing. "Malc with a human girl he would be happy and never see me again hell probally hate me".

It killed me hearing her thing like that, so I pulled onto my lap, cuddled her whilst playing with her hair. "Vernia you have to belive me when I say no humans are not good enough they lack a pure soul like yours I would never choose marrige over you, our friendship is much more important"

I felt her relax in my arms, I piked a purple flower and twisted it in her hair she was beautiful, if any girl stood next to her she would still look wonderful.

"Malc you know you cant always choose over your own kind, our races are at war" she whispered. I knew she would bring this up but I understood why she doesnt want me to get hurt, like I dont her hurt either.

"Just watch me Vernia Humans are a disgrace if I have to turn my back on them" I paused and took a deep breathe "then I will because thats what they deserve" Im sure I would be strong enough to do that, when the time comes.

The End

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