The town square was dirty and broken, rock breaking off and ivy and shrubs creeping up from the concrete. The iron skeletons, once large skyscrapers, ripped out of the ground like rusty fingers. There was a raised area now overgrown with wild plants that was raised with brick walls surrounding the perimeter, providing excellent cover.

I moved through the overhanging ferns and grass, crouching low. I spotted a flash of black in the distance, squatting behind a wall. I made a gesture and pointed over to it. Beorn nodded and moved forward with me, intercepting the figure. The rest of the team hid behind the greenery.

Crouching opposite the soldier, Beorn sneaked a look and gestured mouthed 4.

We leapt over, I placed a hand over the soldiers mouth and broke his next. Beorn pulled out his two daggers and slit the other two's throat. I brandished my staff and cracked him over the head, impaling his chest.

"These four where checking the perimeter to make sure there were no threats, the others will be entering the centre," I whispered. Beorn nodded in agreement.

"Then let's join them," he smiled.

Sure enough as we entered the centre, we heard cries of pain and the noise of guns but the group of rangers were green skinned and the humans shot only at trees, our warriors invisible amongst the vegetation.

I found the leader, the one at the back. He was tall and strong for a human, a large scar down one cheek with peircing ice blue eyes and buzz cut blonde hair. I would respect this one.

Unfortunately with my blue skin I couldn't count on cover. I span in the air in a corkscrew, cleaving a path to the leader. I stood before him, looking down on him.

"Fiend, you do not belong on this earth," I growled and roared at him. His face showed me the same malevolence and I brandished my staff, him his machete.

The End

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