I was sat in my study when my farther walked in "son we have to talk" I sighed and looked down at the book on my lap.

"then talk because Im going out for a walk soon" Well when I say walk I mean drop some food and clean blankets off to Mina and go see my closest friend Vernia who just happens to be a siemina but if I told my father that well he would kill me.

"look son you are now 17 you need to start thinking about your futur you going to be the-" I stood up and threw my book.

"ENOUGH father you know my view on that no I am going to get married just to satify you and everyone else this is my life now good day" I walked out of the study and slammed the door shut. I went in to room and slippedon some casual clothes on to blend in, a shirt and jeans and a jacket as its getting cold I looked at me reflection my brigh blue eyes stared back at me complete oppersite to Vernia I couldnt wait to see her I grabbed the bag I put some food in and  leaves the house.

I make it to the factorary ot being reconised I sighed with relife, I searched for Mina mind and found it "Mina Im outside im coming up ok?" I said in her mind she thought knowing I would hear her "MALC Ive missd you come one up" I chuckled at this is why I like Mina she was bubbly though our world was slowly crumbling apart.

I hand her the bag she squeals with delight and emptys the content on bed and start eating the food, I doubt she this much since two day ago...

we sit and chat for a while before I go and wait for Vernia in our place its the meadow in the woods no-one omes here anymore so we are both protected.

The End

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