I strung my bow and aimed at the target, one of the berries on a bush at the other end of the clearing. I released. The berry flew off the bush, caught on the end of the arrow. I pulled the arrow back using a quick breeze. Then, bored with practice I put my bow around my shoulders so it hung across my back, and swung in to one of the trees. Climbing to the top, I peered over to where the humans lived.

For so long I had yearned to visot there under cover of night. But even I didn't dare disobey that rule. NOT. I'd actually planned to go visit the little abandoned 'warehouse' as they called it tonight, and still intended to do it. Rumour has it that there are humans who do not hate us in there, and after having seen close up humans that did hate us, i was determined to see the other side.

I heard someone approaching and looked down. It was my 'cousin' (another human word), Vernia. I swung down and landed in front of her, making her jump.

The End

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