"Come on Elysia! Just a little more! That was pathetic! A little more power! come ON! you call that thunder? that barely singed my eyebrows! I'm soooo scared!"

I concentrate on building the electric currents but it's no use, they're alot less of a threat than being shocked using static electricity. "I'm....trying" I pant "Just...wait...a...moment" but nothing comes, my attacks all come out empty and we both know why.

"Elysia, I know you do not like the war but you have to help, it is your duty"

"And....since when....did it become....my duty? I've....already....said....that....I....don't....want....anything....to....do with....the....war"

"Whether you want to or not has nothing to do with it, your powers over weather will improve our efforts, your father would agree I'm sure"

I rolled my eyes of course my father would be ecstatic, he's all for the war, he'd be out there himself if it weren't for his skills to protect that are needed at home "Whatever, I'm going to see Vernia, maybe she can talk some sense into you"

I brush my silver hair back and storm off, my name is Elysia, it means struck by lightning, which, thanks to my powers, fits perfectly.


I smile in relief

"Oh hey Elysia, whats up?"

"Um...I was wondering.....do I really have to fight in the front line? I don't think I'm ready and I've only just turned  16 , don't you think I'm too young?"

The End

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