OoA Characters: Elijah

Name: Elijah 

Angel or mortal: Mortal

Age: 18

Appearance: He has muddy blond hair that is thick but he always keeps it quite short. Has dark dark brown eyes that they almost seem black to most. He has an odd looking face that seem to make people uncomfortable but no one knows why. He stands at about five foot eight and is average weight. Not chubby but not thin either.

Personality: He is very reserved and doesn't really trust anyone. Will get really angry when people try to pry into his life or past. Likes spending time reading in the park and the local library. 
Other than all his social defect he's a really nice guy that is very poetic and deep down romantic. Half doesn't believe in love though cause he got turned down by the girl he liked for twelve years.

Other: He was kicked out of his house in his last year of school and now works four jobs to keep him clothed and fed.

Elijah's job schedule:

Monday - Cafe 1 (day) Bar (night)
Tuesday - Restaurant (day & night)
Wednesday - Cafe 2 (day) 
Thursday - Cafe 2 (day) Restaurant (night)
Friday - Cafe 1 (day) Bar (night
Saturday - Restaurant (day) Bar (night)
Sunday - Bar (night)

The End

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