OoA Characters: Ray

Name: Raylen (prefers Ray)

Angel or mortal: Angel

Age: 19

Appearance: Starlight hair that is a bits scraggly and gives him this no care look. Has these beautiful capturing blue eyes that can take a persons breath away. Has a scar starting from just under his ear and going down to his shoulder. It stands out among his tanned skin. He stands at about six foot maybe a little shorter and has muscles but appears lanky maybe seen as skinny.

Personality: He is very solitary which is one of the main reasons he became rogue. He hates drama and is almost disgusted about it. He is very straight to the point and people often call him rude when really he's just stating facts or reciting what others have said. 
Being a rogue he tends to annoy others by stepping in when the assigned angel is late. He usually though sticks to the people who have been missed.

Other: He has a best friend who is a goody toe shoes who is constantly trying to persuade him to come back. Turned rogue really cause he was forced by higher forces to be the angel of death to a mortal girl he fell in love with.

The End

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