OoA Characters: Violet

Name: Violet Farmery

Angel or mortal: Mortal

Age: 19

Appearance: She used to have auburn hair but dyed it black in an act of rebellion that she quickly regretted; for a while after she dyed it, her hair fell out due to the chemicals in the dye so she has quite thin hair now. It still hangs in naturally defined curls though. Her eyes are grey and her eyelashes are long. She isn't skinny but more average weight, though her weight is accentuated by her short height of 5'6".

Personality: She is very self-conscious and thinks that she's fat so starves herself and exercises excessively. She finds it very hard to make friends because she's haphephobic - meaning she gets terrified when people touch her or come near enough that they might touch her accidentally. When she's not in the gym, she's in the library reading old English novels like Pride and Prejudice. 

Other: As well as being anorexic, she is abused by her step-mother while her father stands by and lets her do it to all of the children in their house. Violet has five other siblings - one sister and four brothers - who are nearly all younger than her, with the exception of one brother who lives in Australia with his long-term boyfriend. This brother was kicked out of home when he'd told their parents he was gay.

The End

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