OoA Characters: Azrael

Name: Azrael

Angel or mortal: Angel

Age: Looks 23

Appearance: He has very pale blond hair that looks white under some light. His hair is usually tousled and unruly, often making him look as if he's just got out of bed. His eyes are different colours due to an accident that caused blood to leak into the anterior chamber of his right eye, leading to iron deposition - his left eye is naturally a pale green and the right is now a very dark brown. Nearly always dresses in simple clothes and isn't often out in the open without his hooded cloak. He is fairly muscular, but not overly so, and stands at about 6'1".

Personality: He is quiet in the company of others for the majority of the time, only speaking to voice opinions he thinks are entirely necessary. He likes to blend into the background and watch things unfold as a spectator more than a participant. He does his job without complaining but doesn't suffer fools gladly and would rather spend time with those of a similar intellect. He doesn't go anywhere without some sort of weapon.

Other: The accident that caused his heterochromia was part of a training session where his opponent hit him in the eye with the pommel of his sword.

The End

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