OoA Characters: Adrian

Name: Adrian

Angel or mortal: Angel

Age: appears 19, though actually almost 100

Appearance: Black hair falling to his strong jaw, blue eyes and tanned Latino skin. He is tall and toned, and often wears cargo boots with a brown duster. Unlike most newly angel-ised souls, he carried with him a diamond ring on a chain, an item so close to his heart carried through from a life he can't remember.

Personality: Adrian is a friendly person who is known by many of the new generation in Heaven. He is light-hearted and has had his fair share of women, but always performs his job when he needs to and lets nothing cloud this. He has always struggled bringing souls back, seeming to always get the difficult ones whilst unable to talk to them like others can. He wants to be a better angel but is held back by this.

Other: His only anger and frustration comes from an inability to remember his past life, and in his missions he has dallied to investigate in the mortal world, often getting him in trouble with superiors.

The End

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