OoA Characters: Amelia

Name: Amelia McAdams

Angel or mortal: Mortal

Age: 17

Appearance: Dark brown hair in rippling waves and a fringe with equally dark eyes and pale skin. Usually wears bright red lipstick and dresses well. She looks dainty and vulnerable but has trained in self defence and knows how to look after herself. She is about 5'10.

Personality: She puts on a mask that she is a happy, smart and a successful schoolgirl with a popular boyfriend and a good circle of friends, but she is emotionally abused by her best friend who tells her she's worthless. She gets a lot of unwanted attention from boys (though she can fend them off with her training) and enjoys partying to a destructive extent, driven by this friend.

Other: Her friend drives her to such a fragile point that she attempts to overdose, but is saved by an angel of death and given another chance at life, though trouble continues to haunt her...

The End

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