OoA Characters: Phineas

Name: Phineas

Angel or mortal: Mortal

Age: 12

Appearance: short ginger hair, pale blue eyes, pale freckled skin, five foot and four inches, very skinny

Personality: Phineas is used to being bullied about his appearance but he doesn't struggle to control his temper. He wishes he was better at sport like the other boys-even though he's tall, his shoulders aren't remotely broad and his limbs just tend to get in the way.

Other: He lives with his elderly grandmother, Ros, who gains another medical problem at least once a year, and whom he nurses. Two years ago his parents decided to take a few years out of work travelling Europe in the attempt to save their marriage. They haven't been back in England since, even though his grandmother has outlived all the doctors' predictions of how long she has left.
He is in some of the same classes as one of the Farmery siblings.

The End

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