OoA Characters: Morna

Name: Morna

Angel or mortal: Angel from Ramiel's Department/Third Floor

Age: 20-30; temporarily modified in appearance to appear much younger, for the purpose of her mission

Appearance: Dark hair arranged in glossy crescent-shaped curls. Eyes the hue of aging apple flesh. Her features are strong and defined, and her forehead bears three vertical creases of varying lengths. Mild surgery has softened many of the signs which would betray her to be too old to be a trainee angel, but these three wrinkles remain. She stands at merely 5'2", and the voluptuous curves of her body distract her enemies from suspicion.

Personality: Morna is a strong-opinioned angel of high rank in her own department. She is unused to being ordered about without any subordinates to whom she can immediately delegate those orders, along with their humiliation. Externally she displays a front that is tirelessly tenacious and unrelenting, and it comes as a shock to her that ending a human life is more difficult for her than for the angels of death, who were created for that purpose. She enjoys the attentions of the opposite sex, who are attracted to her more because of the strength of her character than any efforts on her part.

Other: She is a spy of Aethyr, doing Ramiel's fieldwork. After Elijah's near-death, Ramiel arranged for her to go undercover to Samael's department, seeking internal corruption, rogues interfering around Elijah's area, or anything else that might have caused the oddity. Since she wasn't created as an angel of death, and finds it more difficult to perform their tasks, appearing to the other angels as a trainee, unqualified to do anything significant, and committed to shadowing the angels in the team which oversees Elijah's area/city, and learning what they teach her. She has advance Grace from Ramiel to investigate anything that seems untoward, but not to put her position in jeopardy.
Samael's unwillingness to accept the shame of a formal investigation has resulted in the secrecy of Morna's mission; Sariel is the only angel of death who knows about it.

The End

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