Out of Aethyr - a collaboration story of me, Artemisian, BasilWoodall and CrystalRose is based on a universe with quite a lot of content that I think even we as writers struggle to follow, not even considering readers. For the benefit of all, this explains all the premises and tidbits that might confuzzle you.

(I thought terminology might be a useful starter as some of the words are Enochian, and some are just plain strange.)

  • AETHYR: a world twisting the normal premise of "Heaven". It is located on a higher plane, buildings surrounded by endless mist and cloud, the buildings themselves plated with special shimmering metals and glasses. It is futuristic and administrative, with multiple gadgets and departments, the workforce being "angels" who deliver souls to either Aethyr or Hell, work in administration in interpreting the commands of God, or simply care for the eternally resting souls in "Penthouse Paradise."


  • GRACE: a powerful substance available only to angels and granted by the higher forces. It is described as a shining white gas, unbearable to human eyes but endurable for angels. It can be adapted for many uses, for angels of death, it is loaded into weapons such as guns and swords, acting to stabilise a soul in a body until the ascension process is complete, or, in rare cases, to weaken demons when they surface in the mortal world and cross paths with angels. Because it is so powerful, an angel of death must request Grace from their acting officer and superior forces - the Archangels - to ensure it is used for the right purposes. In high doses, Grace is able to resurrect the dead, in this case it takes another name - ne malpirgi ("holy fire of life") thus the intense protocol.


  • FATELINE: the transmission line of all information across the many floors of Aethyr. It passes mission reports from God to administration to angels of death, allowing for mortal souls to be delivered efficiently. It is integrated in the power systems of Aethyr, allowing it to reach every part of the world, and is seen as golden wiring running like veins throughout.


  • RECORDS OF CER'ALDARAIA: meaning "the will of God", the Records are the direct commands of God to working angels of who is "scheduled" to die next/soon. The Records are an amalgamation of every death since the beginning of the universe and are therefore very extensive.


  • NE MALPIRGI: the purest form of Grace (see above), it translates as "holy fire of life" and has enough power to reattach an ascending soul to its body and, in turn, revive them. It is not easily obtained.

(NOTE: This page will be constantly updated with new explanations. Keep checking back :D)

The End

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