Harry Sparks-New School

“Alright Harry! Hurry up! It’s time to go!”  Mom’s voice flitted up from the bottom of the staircase.

I sighed heavily and typed an IM into Windows Live Messenger: gtg we’re leaving for the airport now.

All right then, I love you. And make plenty of friends. It was Emily. My very best friend in the whole world. One day I would visit England just to see her.

I’ll try…I promised.

Oh, and get a girl friend. You need one.

I grinned. That was so like Emily. Yeh…I can just walk up to some girl there “Hey you, you wanna be my gf?” and she’ll be like “Sure! Just what I’ve always wanted!”

Oh you *gives evils * just be yourself! They’ll line up to audition!

I sighed…if only it were that easy. “Come on Harry! Turn the computer off! We need to go!” mom called again.

I sighed again, all right then I will. I love you so much. Bye XXXX.

I love you too xxx. Came Emily’s reply.

I shut down the Alienware laptop and packed it up in my carry on. As soon as I was sure everything was ready I flung my bag over my shoulder and hurried downstairs and into the car. I smiled; I had gotten there just about a minute before Mom and Dad. Mom knew me well. As she climbed into the Hummer I smiled at her, “Thanks Mom.”

She nodded. “You’re welcome,” she told me with a wink. “But you know I only did it because I want to go to Washington. Unlike some.” She added brightly.

I grinned. I loved mom, she was always ready with her humor. I was really going to miss her. A lot. Dad climbed into the truck and we were off. I watched the colorfully painted buildings pass by me as we traveled through the city to the airport. “Good bye St. George…I’m not sure I’ll ever see you again.” I whispered.

During the plane-ride I thought about what my new school would be like. I had looked it up often enough on the Internet. It was several red, brick buildings with nondescript roofs...not really much to look at. Usually sunny but when it rained it poured…usually. I heard that bald eagles actually lived around that area, I hoped I would get to see one of those! I sighed heavily, who was I kidding? I was going into a completely new place. No friends. No one I knew. At least they had Internet there, so I would be able to keep in touch with Emily.

I got off at the airport and my parents left me to go get my baggage. They had decided that I would make my own way from the airport, as a step in learning to live by myself. They started doing things like this ever since they had been picked to be sent as ambassadors to America. I moved to stand by the conveyor belt that brought people’s luggage by. I noticed the girl next to me watching as I took my luggage off the belt. I gave her a smile and she immediately looked away. I grinned; she looked like one of those people from the Middle East. Weren’t they all Muslim there?

She was really cute though. She had beautiful black hair and big brown eyes with long lashes. She reached for a bag and tried to drag it off the conveyor belt, but it was too heavy for her.

“Want some help?” I asked, hoping she could understand English. I quickly brushed her hands away from the suitcase and lifted it off the belt before it could be carried away.

She looked at me smiled self-consciously. “Thank you,” she said as she took back the suitcase.

I grinned again. “No problem,” I assured her with a wink. I picked up my suitcase and walked out of the airport.

I found a taxi and took it to Seattle. I picked a three-star hotel that had free Internet access and paid for one night’s room and board. I could have had a five-star hotel had I wanted, Mom and Dad had deposited a lot of money in my bank account before we left, but I decided I might as well start living like I would at CIHS. Once I had settled into my room for the night, I took my laptop and moved out into the lobby. I chose a comfortable-looking chair with a plug nearby and sat down. I plugged the computer in and then looked at it in my lap. It was beautiful. It had a glossy black finish with my name inscribed in pure silver next to the Alienware logo. It was a very powerfull gaming computer…not that I used it for gaming all that often…I mostly spent my time chatting with Emily and a few other friends.

I opened the laptop and the screen blinked on. It had finished starting up in just three minutes. I signed into Windows Live and opened Facebook on Google Chrome. Emily was on! I grinned happily, it was still morning for her…I was now eight hours behind her at GMT –8:00, so it was 11:00 am there. I chatted with her untill it was about 11:00 pm my time then retired to my room to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.

The next day as the taxi pulled up at CIHS I found a couple families had beat me there. I got out, took my luggage and paid the cab before moving to join the small crowd of people waiting to enter the school. I grinned as I recognized the girl from the airport, but turned immediately serious as I noticed she was fighting back tears. She was probably feeling worse than even I was. She was from a completely different culture and spoke a different language. I immediately singled her out as a potential friend. I don’t know why, but for some reason I had a thing for the loners and the left-out.

I moved up to her. “Hey, my name is Harry…what’s yours?” I asked as I offered her my hand.

The End

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