Name: Harry Sparks
Age: 17
Origin: Bermuda
Personality: Sarcastic, smiley, sensitive and strong.
Looks: Blue eyes, blond hair, 6ft and handsome.

Name: Jessica Jordan
Age: 16
Origin: Saudi Arabia
Personality: Courageous, courteous, cunning and cute
Looks: Tanned skin, brown eyes & hair, 5ft4 and deep eyes.

Name: Jack Atkins
Age: 17
Origin: England
Personality: Loud, laughy and liked
Looks: Brown hair, green eyes, 6ft2 and mature looking.

Name: Emily Hanson
Age: 17
Origin: USA (New York)
Personality: Kind, quiet, reserved and sensitive
Looks: Red hair, green eyes, 5ft5 and pale complexion.

Name: Freddie Thomas
Age: 17
Origin: Australia
Personality: Happy, smiley, bright and well spoken
Looks: Black hair, blue eyes, 6ft1 and wears glasses when reading.

Name: Katie Vermaak
Age: 15
Origin: South Africa
Personality: Insecure, gullible, liked and flirty
Looks: Bronze hair, brown eyes, 5ft6 and naturally pretty.

Name: Daniel Kent
Age: 16
Origin: Hawaii
Personality: Smart, arrogant, a gentleman and quietly caring
Looks: Blond messy hair, brown eyes, 6ft5 and surfer-dude looks.

Name: Mei-Zhen Ng (meaning beautiful pearl)
English name: Emma Ng
Age: 16
Origin: China
Personality: Quiet, careful, serious and kind.
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, long hair and individual looking.


Basic plot – All these teenagers have something in common, their parents are all diplomats living in rainy Washington State, USA. They go to a small school boarding school in Olympia, for international children (Although Emily and Daniel are American.) Most of their parents live in Seattle; they only get to see them rarely. These 8 teenagers are starting this school for the first time, although the age range [15-17] they are all juniors (AKA lower 6th or year 12) Will these children make friends? Or will they make enemies? Only you can decide.

The End

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