Internal Monologues - What our characters REALLY think!


Fellow writer folk!

Those things your characters are burning to say to others in your story, but to which they always bite their tongue? Something they didn't say that they wish they had? Something they long to say but won't, or can't, or shouldn't?


Write it all here - and DON'T HOLD BACK!


(Having said that, please no swearing or offensive comments. PG 13. Thank you.)

The only rules are as follows:

- State which character is speaking, what they are speaking about (if not contained) and to whom or about what they are talking.

- Which story your character/s are from, and whether we can read the rest of it on Protagonize!

Pens at the ready - and write your little hearts out!! - whilst of course drinking lots of green tea and frolicking in the forests of writerly fun and sunshine lakes.



The End

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