1. A Welcome?Mature


I never thought my mum would send me to a boarding school. Not once. I don't know why she did. I mean, I get up and get myself to school on time every day. She's got no reason to send me away. 

Still, here I am, standing at one of five entrances to Tred's. Tred's is just the nickname. It's actually called Tredna's Boarding school, which I've always thought is weird (I mean, who calls their kid Tredna?).

My knock on the door sounds more like a pin dropping in the massive garden, but someone answers anyway.

"And you are...?" the woman says. Great, not even a 'hi'. 

"Aislinn" I tell her. She raises an eyebrow. "I'm new" 

"Ah, I see. You're one of five new people coming in today. No doubt the others are being welcomed at the other entrances" Oh, you call this a welcome, do you?

"Um, OK"

"Right. Follow me" she strides off down a very narrow hallway and into an office. Here are your work books, lists of lesson, lists of teachers..." she carried on and on, dumping a different pile of paper in my arms with every new item. "... and all your clothes and luggage are already in your room" she finishes.

"Where is my room?"

"All the way up those stairs, turn right and its the third room down the corridor on the left" she sighs impatiently. 

"Oh, uh, thanks" I muttered and started the trek up the staircase. 

I sure hope the others were welcomed by nicer people. 

The End

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