9. LessonsMature

Groupie mateys. I love that. 

"Yep. We are. Well, I'M a groupie matey anyway" I grin. 

"Me too!" Nick grins, too.

"Count me in!" Damien smiles.

Sarah hesitates. "Oh, I suppose I'll have to be." 

God, how enthusiastic. Killjoy.

"Umm... does anyone know what lesson we have first?" I ask, already getting my list of lessons from my pocket.

"Yep. Well, I know what I have, but you might have it too. I have History, what do you have?" Leala smiles. 

"I have... German" I frown. I already speak German. This is going to be boring. 

"I have History like you, Leala" Damien says. "Why don't we go and find the room. That way we'll be late together."

"Yup" Damien and Leala walk off.

I sigh. "Does anyone else have German?"

"I do" Nick tells me. "Do you, Sarah?"

"Yes. Yes I do. But I'm going to make my own friends." Sarah snaps "Just because we're all new it doesn't mean we all have to be friends." and with that, she stalks off.

Oh, goodbye then. Good riddance. 

"Um, can I sit next to you?" I ask Nick. "It's just I'd like it if I was sitting with someone I know"

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Nick shrugs and smiles. And so we walk to lesson number one. Deutsch. 

The End

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