8. Groupie Mateys?Mature

I looked after Nick as he walked away, going back to his room. That was a quick introduction. I shrugged to myself then stalked off. I shall now continue my exploring. The school was huge so I know I had a long way to go but for now, I’ll just explore this building.

Before long, I was lost and had no idea where to go.

Great job Leala, lots of good exploring did ya.

I rolled my eyes mentally before walking off determined. In the distance I saw what looked like a canteen. Besides, I was hungry and wanted to grab a bite. I walked into the long dining hall and noticed there was someone already there.

The dude was tall and had a muscular build with messy blonde hair. He had his back to me so I creeped up behind him slowly, and went ‘Boo!’ He didn’t even jump up in surprise or get slightly scared. Instead, he turned around and stared at me a little apprehensively.

“And you are?”

“Leala.” I said brightly and then shook his hand. He smiled now, relaxing whether it was because of my easy and fun to be around personality or just the fact that I was a bit crazy.

“Damien Strong.”

“Cool name Mr. Strong,” I said with a grin and punched him slightly on the shoulder. “Totally fits you.”

Just as he opened his mouth to say something more, we heard a female voice.


I turned around to see Nick, and two girls I didn’t even know. The one who waved her hand at Damien a little too excitedly looked abnormally anorexic. I inspected the other girl who was shorter then me and definitely looked a little less snotty-like than Ms. Stick.

“Hey Nick,” I smiled at him as they walked toward us.


Then we began introducing ourselves to each other and I couldn’t help but notice that Sarah, the anorexic stick like girl was kind of clinging to Strong-boy. Pushing aside the thought, I smiled at all of them and then muttered something a little too random and probably made no sense, even for Ms. Leala Michaels.

“So we all groupie mateys?”

The End

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