7. LostMature


I flop onto the bed without even closing the door. Doesn't this place have a lift or something? Six flaming floors. 

The room is pretty big considering there's only one bed. One bed? I get this whole room to myself? Awesome.

I'm hungry so I go looking for food before bothering to unpack. I have no idea where the canteen could be, but I get the feeling it'll be more 'dining hall' than 'canteen' in this place.

Anyway, I manage to get myself lost in the maze of corridors and on one of them there's a girl. And God is she skinny. So so skinny.

"Hey" I say "Do you know where the canteen is?"

"No, I was just looking for it actually. Are you new too?"

"Yep. Well, this leaves us in a mess. What's your name?" I ask.

"What's yours?" she responds.

"Aislinn" I smile.

"Oh. I'm Sarah. Do you know where Damien is?"


"Of coarse you won't know him. Why don't you go and look for the canteen and tell me if he's there?"

"I won't be able to find you again. Just come with me"

"Oh all right then" Sarah sighs. We're walking along when we see a boy who's around my height looking... lost.

"Hi!" I say brightly. "I'm Aislinn. Are you lost as well?"

"Nick. And I guess you could say that."

"Nice to meet you, Nick. This is Sarah. We're looking for the canteen. Wanna come?"

"Yeah, sure" he smiles and follows us.

And just as we get to what looks promisingly like a canteen, a bell rings. Really loudly.

The End

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