5. Dopey IntroductionsMature


The room was nice and comfortable looking. To my right were one wooden desk and a chair. Opening the draws I noticed there were a few writing pads and pens and pencils. To the left of my wardrobe was a small cupboard where I could put all my books and supplies. But unpacking would happen later. For now, I was going to explore.

Stepping out the room and locking it behind me, I sighed and was about to start descending the stair case again when I noticed that to my left was an elevator. Bad, bad, teachers but why can’t I do this the fun way?

Holding my breath, I hauled myself onto the slippery banister and within a second, I was sliding down it. I resisted the childish pull to go ‘wheeee’. I’m sure that if I did, I’d scare the crap out of the people downstairs. Hopping off the banister with a dopey grin on my face, I started walking again. The world looked dizzy, the after effect of the whole experience. That was when I bumped into someone before falling on my butt.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Looking up, I noticed a guy or was it a girl, staring down at me.

“Hey, it’s alright.”

He reached out to me with his hand which I took happily as he helped me up. I smiled back at him, as he gave me an amused look. He was taller then me, and had shoulder length dark brown hair. His grey eyes sparkled as he looked down at me a little and grinned.

“I’m Nick,” he said, shaking my hand heartily.


The End

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