4. DamienMature

Looking up at the huge building in front of me, I sighed. What lay inside this old building was new and unknown - and laughably expensive. But when Sarah had told me that she was being sent here, I knew I couldn't let my amazing girlfriend go anywhere without me.

So I had fought for a scholarship to this amazing school, far away from everything I knew and all my friends, just to be with her. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the letter confirming my place here at Tredna's Boarding School. The first thing I had done was to call Sarah, to tell her I was always there for her.

I took a deep breath and pushed open the door. I was welcomed by a modern-looking reception room. Behind the glass desk sat a smart looking woman, who looked to be about 25 years old. I coughed quietly to attract the attention of the woman, but she did not look up.

"Ahem," I said, clearing my throat. The woman looked up, startled.

"Can I help you?" she said, looking confused.

"I'm Damien, I'm new here, I was told to come to this entrance" I said, quietly, slightly worried that I had maybe got the wrong day.

The woman looked down at her computer screen, obviously checking a document of some sort. "Oh yes, Damien. Just wait here one second please." She smiled at me as she stood and moved from behind her desk.

While she was gone, I took the time to survey the room. Over the top of the desk I could see the top of a white computer screen and two, full-size bookshelves, full to the brim with all different kinds of books. I was wondering why a secretary would need so many books when she returned, followed by a young man.

"Damien, this is Lucas, the Head boy. He'll show you to your room and accompany you to the meeting in twenty minutes."

I walked silently behind Lucas all the way up to my room. He walked with his nose shoved high in the air and each time he looked at me I could tell he was looking down his nose at me. He probably knew that I was here on a scholarship and that I hadn't paid.

"Here." He said, stopping abruptly and opening the door to a room. He handed me the keys and walked off quickly. I sighed and started unpacking my clothes.

The End

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