3. SarahMature

I stood outside the school gates filing my nails; I had to look good on my first day.

“Go on Sarah,” my mum called from the car,

“I’m going!” I snapped, I picked up my suitcases and wheeled them along the tarmac to a small door. Looking up at the ugly boarding school, it reminded me of the Victorian era and I guessed that was when it was built. And just with my luck, it’d be crawling with spiders and covered in layers of dust. I had styled my hair into a bun today, hoping that the long locks wouldn’t get caught in the doors. My hair was my pride and joy, I couldn’t remember the last time I had had it cut, it had pretty much reached my knees. My mum was always nagging me to have it cut,

‘A bob would suit you Sarah.’ She’s say. So I had been pleased to leave my aggravating parents behind, they always whinged at me and I knew secretly they much prefer my little sister.

I knocked on the door, there was no answer, I sighed and sat on my suitcase. Being a newbie meant we had to come in a day early, which totally sucked in my opinion.

“Hello my dear,” said a woman’s voice, I spun round and smiled at the small woman who stood in the door,

“I’m new,” I said loudly so she could hear,

“I’m not deaf dear,” she smiled again,

“Oh sorry, you just looked like the sort of person who would be,” I said, she looked offended,

“Right.” She said her lips tight, “Follow me,” she let the door open and she lead me up the stairs. She pointed out my bedroom,

“Thanks,” I smiled,

“Get settled in and meet up in the hall in an hour.” She smiled and left me. Great, I had an hour of doing nothing but unpack – which I didn’t really want to do because I didn’t want spiders crawling over my clothes.

“Are you hungry?” she asked just before she descended down the stairs,

“Not really, why?”

“We don’t want our pupils wasting away,” she said eying my body. I was naturally thin and no matter how much junk I ate, I couldn’t put on any weight. My eyes widened and I clutched my stomach,

“People can actually waste away?” I asked in horror,

“If you don’t eat, yes, it’s probable you’ll die,”

“I’m going to die?” I asked appalled,

“That was a slight exaggeration,” she smiled,

“Don’t scare me like that Miss,” I scolded. She gave me a strange look at left; I took a deep breath and opened the door.

The End

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