Internal Conflicts of the Misfit ClanMature

K, well, you'll only know if you're writing in the story. I'm not even sure if this is going to go anywhere


OK, I have a solo of this too, called Midday Moon,  but it's not going anywhere so I thought I'd make it collabified. This is gonna stay solo till all the characters are taken.

Right, it's a closed collab, so, here are the characters


Aislinn White ~ AutumnMay
Appearance Small and slim. Has light brown hair that goes down to her waist and has light pink streaks. Blue eyes.
Personality Very kind, will give help if it's needed. Tries not to hurt peoples' feeling (so if she says something purposely offensive to someone, she says it in German and hopes they can't understand). She never jumps to conclusions about anything, but it can sometimes seem so because of her little numbered (hint hint)... uhh... days. Can get emotional when confronted about doing something really bad, as she tries not to be naughty (and normally succeeds).
Other If you were wondering, her name is pronounced Ayz-lin. Has the nickname of 'Nerdina' from Nick. Is enemies with Sarah.

Leala Michaels ~ Trish
Appearance Average height and weight. Has short black hair that goes to just past her chin. Green eyes.
Personality Very talkative, but in a friendly way. Will express her opinion if she feels the need, even if her opinion might not be a good one. She tries not to be naughty but fails about 45% of the time, though has had more then her fair share of undeserved detentions. However, despite her talkativeness and tendency to say things she shouldn't, she will keep a secret for her life. Is a very trustworthy person.
Other She hasn't got a nickname yet. Is attempting to grow her hair.

Damien Strong ~ mollie1994
Appearance Tall and muscular. Short, messy blonde hair that wont go flat even if he straightens it. Brown eyes.
Personality Kind and caring. Can get quite emotional but can hide it really well.  Is a goody-two-shoes but will get his friends out of trouble if needed, however can sometimes seem a bit mean if he won't get you out of you much deserved detention. Is fluent in German. Is good at planning things. 
Other Info Currently goes out with Sarah 

Sarah Michelli ~ Kiri
Appearance Just above average height and is anorexically skinny (she's not anorexic). Unnaturally blonde hair which she refuses to cut and as a result is at her knees. Blue eyes.
Personality Pretends to be goody-goody in front of teachers but is actually really horrible. Can change her personality in a split second. Is quite selfish. Is a show off. is generally quite bitchybut has her own reasons. (If you've read the House of Night books, she's a bit like Aphrodite, but worse.
Other Info Currently goes out with Damien, but only for attention, not because she wants to. Is in the friendship group but doesn't really like anybody in it.

Nick Manes ~ Mr.Fisherman
AppearanceTall and skinny. Unnaturally fast growing dark brown hair. Looks older than he is. Grey eyes.
Personality Is a laughy-jokey person, can find something good and/or funny in everything, though sometimes that can be a bad thing. Is really friendly and makes friends really easily. Isn't particularly clever but isn't embarrassed to get help from friends.
Other Info 'fancies' Aislinn

Please choose one!  

The End

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