Kota: Tracking the PlaugeMature

Kota speeded away from Gothica, rockets flaring in the silence of deep space. Now to find his new target. Alexander Nanite, better known as Plague. While he was flying he pulled up all the info he had on the target. Body manipulation, changing appearance, blah blah blah. Kota spotted an actual valuble bit of info on his screen. Currently in Faircliff, location unknown. Faircliff? That wasn't very far away. Finding him wold be difficult though, Plague could be hiding anywhere, disguised as anyone.
          As Kota pondered over the matter, his sensors indicated with a flash a ship approaching Northeast. Kota turned his head and could see the vessel in the distance. He pulled up a data report, and learned it was a royal transport ship, from Faircliff. Interesting, he thought, money. He adjusted course slightly and activated his deep space stealth mode. He turned invisible, and flew up next to the royal ship. He figured there was only one way to board the ship unnoticed without compromising the valuable cargo. He pulled up behind the ships rocket engine vent, and activated his heat shields. He glided into their engines, and came sealed door. He took out his entrance device and stuck it to the doors monitor screen. The device opened any electronically run door, and disabled any system alert that would show a control room that the door was breached. It flashed green, and Kota swung the door open, closing in quickly to not alert any crew to an air leak.
          He snuck through what he decided to be the engine maintenance room, until, through another door, he came upon clean white hallways. Avoiding any passengers, he searched for whatever royal authority was aboard the vessel. As he came to a door with two guards on either side holding plasma rifles, and he suspected his search was over. He tapped one guard on the shoulder and stood back. The guard turned to his partner,

"What?" he inquired. As the other confused sentry turned his head, Kota smashed both of theirs together, rendering them both unconscious to the floor. He entered the room, and revealing himself, (to a quite surprised aristocrat) wrapped hand around the mans throat. He pulled the man up from his chair, and turned him around as a body shield. He slid his pistol out of it's holster, and pressed the cold muzzle to the man's head.

"Not a word," Kota said as he lead him out of the room and went all the way to the bridge, walked through the door, and fired a plasma bolt into the back of a pilot's head. "Drop your weapons and put your hands were I can see them!" he shouted. In a matter of seconds he saw a multitude of raised hands in the air. He switched on his gravity systems, and without a word shot out the ship's viewport. The screaming crew was sucked out into the vacuum of space, and Kota released his body shield sending him flying out with the rest. Some tried to grasp their control panels, but their feeble efforts amounted to nothing, and they all eventually were sucked into the cold deep of space as well.
          He quickly combed through the rest of the ship, disposing of any additional passengers that remained. He then went back to the bridge, and set the vessels course back to one of his many hideouts on autopilot. He punched in the coordinates, and flew out of the shattered viewport back out to continue his mission.
          His sidetrack had only delayed him by approximately half an hour, and he wasted no more time, as he applied additional thrusters, to increase his speed to somewhere around 30,000 mph. He soon detected the grand planet of Faircliff on his monitor and switched to manual view. He saw the orange-red planet in the distance, and it's size grew quickly as he hurtled closer. He flew through the atmosphere, and landed in the port outside a bar one of his informants ran. He walked in greeting the woman behind the counter.

"Ho, Mary, hows business of late?" Mary smiled at him from behind the counter polishing a glass with a damp cloth.

"Been fine, whatcha' want Kota" she asked.

"Beer," he answered. She slid him his drink across the counter, and he took a sip. "So has anything important happened recently?" he questioned, in reference to her real job to him.

"Oh just one of the usual band of pirates, Zepher's crew." Kota nodded he'd heard of that band. Vicious they were. "Oh and that sly mercenary Plauge has been slinking around here, thinking he's gone unnoticed." Kota grinned and couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Ever alert, and sharp Mary." This was another fortunate stroke of luck. He'd found his quarry without even having to look. He drained his drink and got up.

"He was following Zepher's group toward the palace, stuck a tracker to an idiot of a maranium's fur, probly'll be disguised." Kota grinned again, pleased.

"Cheers Mary," and threw her a bag of money. She caught it single-handed, without even glancing up from her work. He left and headed towards the palace. He arrived at the gates to see smoke billowing out. Zepher's work he thought, his bunch was vicious indeed. He saw a captain shouting at the other guards, directing them back into the building. As the guards ran back in to the smoking palace, the captain looked back over his shoulder, then disappeared into the chaos. Aha. He switched own his own stealth mode, disappearing. Your not the only one who can play this game, bucko, he muttered as he crept up to the gates.

The End

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