Alexander: Hidden in Plain SightMature

Soon following Zepher and his crew, Alexander finds that they have already broken into the castle. Still not knowing why they are attacking the castle alexander decides to change his disguise befitting a castle setting. He decides to find one of the captains. Still disguised as the old man he approaches the guard.

“Dear sir, can you help and old man with locating his pocket book?”

The corrupt guard agreed to the plea in hopes of finding it first and robing the old man for even the little he may have.

The guard bent down to pick up a decoy that was placed my Alexander earlier. As he bent down Alexander knocked out the guard and took on his form. After hiding the unconscious guard Alexander went to the Guard’s Hall.

“What are you fools doing? The castle is under attack and you people are just sitting on your backsides?”

Another guard spoke out, “what does it matter the knights have it covered we can just sick back and wait for the announcement that the intruders have been dealt with.”

Becoming angered by the lack of discipline in the ranks Alexander grabbed the guard by the throat and pulled him to his face and shouted, “I don’t care if the knights are dealing with the problem it was our job not to let them in in the first place. Now why don’t you . . . “ Alexander is cut off by the intercoms shouting that, “the nights are losing the battle and that all guards are needed in the throne room at once.”

Looking back at the guard still in his hand, “now do you want to run that by me again?”

Alexander and the other guards rushed to the throne room where they see Zepher and his crew kill the last of the knights. Knowing that these fools were sorely out matched Alexander called for a retreat, “ Everyone the day is lost we must retreat and make a plan or we shall all die.” As the guards ran Alexander went into stealth mode as soon as he was able and followed Zepher and his crew with what looks to be some prisoners from the dungeons who escaped during the battle.

The End

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