Zepher: Taking OverMature

Zepher smiled things had gone smoothly. The King had been easier to kill then he had anticipated.

He turned to Heather who was twirling her swords. "Do you think we are over doing this a bit?"

She gave him a simple shrug. "I'm not going to be the one to question your logic."

Zepher started to walk to the throne. He heard foot steps to his left. He looked over to see three people come up the stairs there. Two ladies and an old man. The one that really caught his attention was the one holding a rifle. She was a Half elf half human with Platinum blonde hair and a refined figure, she had scars on her arms and silvery skin. Her eye color seemed to be a reddish pink.

Zepher smiled, "I do hope someone a pretty as you is not involved with this corrupt King."

She pointed her rifle up at him. "What are pirates like you doing raiding Faircliff."

Heather moved quickly standing between Him and the girl her swords pointing at the girl. "I won't allow you to point your weapon at my captain!"

Zepher put his hand on her shoulder. "It is ok Heather." He stepped out from behind her and answered to girls question. "We are not Raiding this town so much as freeing it from a corrupt government. We have a friend who runs a bar he and i happen to owe her a lot so I'm making Faircliff my territory."

He watched as she relaxed her finger off the trigger but she still held the same look in her eyes. "You guys are moving in on someone else's territory and that is not very polite."

Heather let out a small laugh. "You are a pirate! She looked her over. Don't be stupid."

The girl stopped aiming her rifle letting it fall on its strap as she pointed at holly. "Hey I'm no Pirate. The proper term is Intergalactic Trader."

Hearing that made Zepher smile. " You know after this is all said and done you should let me buy you a drink. Then we can talk about territories and such agreements."

Just then the door behind them burst open and a platoon of guards poured into the throne room. They were led by a Wood Cat. Zepher's crew surrounded him in a defensive semi circle. There were at least sixty guards blocking the way out.

The Wood cat spoke. "You pirate scum will pay for-"

His ranting was stopped by a blast to the throat from the blonde girls rifle. "I hated that idiot."

Heather smiled and did a back flip into the small sea of guards slicing a dicing all thoes around her.  Zepher smiled turning back to the blonde half elf. "Lets not let her have all the fun."

He whiped out his fazer blades and followed the rest of his crew into the fray. Cutting through the first row of guards like they were butter.  He fished some explosives out of his pocket and scattered them on to some more guards. "Good Night." They explodes into red mist leaving body parts everywhere. He turned around to see the rest of his crew doing fine and enjoying them selves. Heather took out the last few guards and started to loot their weapons.

Shingy walked over to Zepher and nudged him. " Hey fearless captain should we finish off the rest of the kings influence here or just clean up and head back to the bar?"

Zepher turned to Deshawn. "What do you think strategist?"

Deshawn looked up. "I think we should leave the rest as is. The citizens here will clean the rest up and hopefully start a better government."

Sepher smiled and turned to talk to the half elf girl. he was gone now nowhere to be seen. Zepher shrugged and slung his arm around Heather. "Lets head back to the bar shall we."

Heather shrugged him off and started tword the exit. Zepher smiled. and followed after her the rest of the crew following.

The End

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