Sophia - EscapeMature

I heard a crash as the soldiers escorted me back to my cell after the meeting with the King. My back was sore after the beatings he’d ordered for my unwillingness to comply to his request. The guards looked at each other. The taller of the two grunted and nodded in the direction of his companion who went sprinting off towards the noise. This was my chance and ignoring the dull throbbing of my back I swung my handcuffed hands around the hulking mass that was my guard and climbed up onto his back putting all my weight into pulling the chain of my cuffs around his throat. After a few minutes he slumped to the floor unconscious and I jumped from his back. Searching for weapons on him I heard another loud crash from the door behind me along with dull voices and shouts. I picked up a sonic gun from the floor beside the guard and ran in the direction of the cells.

“What the hell’s going on out there?” The Wind mage crawled forward in his cage.

“Stand back and shield yourself,” I said sternly, pointing the gun at the lock of the door. I held the trigger half way so as to charge up the blast then fired, shattering the lock. “Someone’s attacking the place. It’s our chance to escape. I have a ship and a crew in the town; we can get you out of here and somewhere safe.” I shot the chains binding him before heading over to the cabinet containing all the weaponry confiscated from short term prisoners. I pulled out a long wooden staff which I assumed to be the mages along with my own artillery of guns, knives and my favourite bow and arrows. I passed the staff to the wind mage who was now standing behind me before looking over the remaining weapons. A few small knives and a small glowing cube were left.

“Who else is down here?” I asked quietly recognising the cube as the weapon of the Talirgans.

“A young female was bought down here the day before you were. She was taken into one of the back chambers,” He said, pointing towards the back of the dungeon down a corridor in front of our cells. I ran down towards a solid locked door and shot the lock again. The door swung open to reveal a tall slender woman sat in the corner. She shimmered as she stood, her blue skin moving like water.

“My name’s Sophia I’m here to help you escape,” I coaxed, holding my hand out. She hesitantly stepped forward as a sudden crash came from upstairs.

“They’re in the throne room,” The mage muttered behind me. The Talirgan nodded and followed as I took her back over to the weapons cupboard where she collected her knives and the glowing cube.

“We need to get out of here.” I muttered heading towards the stairs. It was too late though. We got to the second corridor only to find a group of pirates standing, swords drawn and covered in blood.

The End

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