Finding A Crime LordMature

Kota's rocket boots flared as he flew through space. He took a deep breath of carbon dioxide with his built in Co2 tank in his helmet. His high tech mech suit allowed him to travel in space, and through the galaxy, a very useful tool for a bounty hunter. His mech suit was black, and the inside of his helmet glowed a eerie blue. His boots had built in rocket boosters for travel through space, and he had multiple built in weapons. He had a small heat seeking missile that came from a opening panel on his shoulder. He also could shoot icy blue energy bolts from his palms in memory of the old earth movie, Iron Man. In addition, he could shoot an (of course) icy blue laser from his pointer finger, as well as other functions. The icy blue color was an obvious favorite color due to it being the color of almost all of the things his mech suit allowed him to do. He also carried a plasma rifle, and pistol, which were both black and sleek.          
          Inside his helmet, information appeared and notified him that the planet Gothica was approaching ahead. He switched the data off so he could see out of the helmet, and he spotted Gothica in the distance. He wasnt surprised that he could see Gothica from so far away seeing as it was 17,300,000 miles large in diameter, the largest planet in the galaxy. He increased his speed and flew straight for the planet, putting his heat shields on standby for atmosphere entry.
          He had received a message from his informant that Bron was currently located on Gothica, so Kota had left for there immediately. The planet loomed ahead, growing bigger and bigger as he got closer. He could feel the temperature start to rise, and his heat shields kicked into action, protecting him from burning to a crisp. The temperature dropped again as he burst through what was left of the atmosphere, and he manuevered himself through the cloudy sky. He brought up his map on the information screen, and locked on to Haragroff, the capitol of Gothica, and the place where Bron was according to his informant. His screen listed directions, and he increased speed, shooting off towards the city.
          When he arrived he landed a ways off from the city so as not to be spotted, and captured. He made his way to the city limits, and saw a boundary guard patrolling. He activated his stealth mode for his mech suit, so he would look exactly like what was behind him, making him virtually impossible to see. He snuck past the partol guards and entered the west quadrant of the city. His informant had also told him this was the area Bron was last seen, so chances of finding him there were better than random hunting. Crime lords loved to hang out in local bars or abandoned buildings so he figured those were the areas he would check first. Ironically he spied a bar down the street and started towards it, his stealth mode still activated.
          When he reached the door he glanced around him looking to see if there was anybody around, and when he saw no one he switched his stealth off, removed his helmet, and entered the bar. He approached the counter, and sat on a stool.

"Whatcha want to drink?" a gruff looking bartender asked him.

"Beer please." he replied, and waited while the bartender filled a mug for him. When the bartender gave him his drink he payed him and took a long gulp, wiping the foam from his mouth.
          As he took another drink, three buff thugs burst into the bar, and made their way to the back of the bar, talking quietly amongst themselves. Kota thought this might not be a coincidence, and followed them leaving his drink on the counter. They came to a dead end and Kota wondered if maybe it was just a coincidence after all. Suddenly they whirled and looked behind them. He jumped into the shadows just in time so the thugs didnt see him. When they were satisfied they werent being followed, one of them pushed a brick back and a part of the wall swung open revealing a staircase. As the secret door started to swing shut, Kota dashed forward, darting into the doorway just as it slammed shut.
           He stood in a hallway, and he heard voices coming from an open room. He snuck up next to the opening and listened.

"So what happens now boss?" came one voice.

"We wait for Plague to recover our shipment in Faircliff, then we'll go from there," answered someone who he suspected was Bron.

"What if he fails?" another voice asked.

"He wont fail, for his own sake." The conversation stopped and it was quiet for a second. He figured this was an opportune moment, so he drew his plasma pistol and took a deep breath. He burst into the room shooting. He took out the three thugs he had followed, and continued to fire. He took out the rest of rest of Bron's guards and aimed the pistol at Bron himself, who was scrambling for his own gun. Bron froze, and stopped reaching for the gun. Suddenly, out of the shadows charged a bellowing fat mass of a being. Without moving his feet or even taking his aim off Bron, he swung his left fist and uppercutted the man right in his jaw, knocking him out cold. He turned his focus back to Bron.

"He was rather a disappointment," Bron spoke. Kota covered the distance between them in two single strides and grabbed Bron's throat lifted him off the ground. Bron's hand went up to Kota's hand trying to pull it off, but his strength was too great. Bron made some final last choking noises and went limp. He threw his body aside and exited the room walking back down the hallway. He pushed his hand against the wall trying to figure out how to get back to the other side. Finally, after trying multiple ways to get through he raised his palm and shot an energy bolt destroying the wall. He stepped through the rubble, and passed a rather surprised looking bartender.
           As he left the bar he thought of his next move. He had heard of the famous mercenary called Plauge before. He figured if he went to Faircliff then he could find and kill Plauge, therefore eliminating competition, and also find that shipment of Bron's, and make a profit. He be killing two birds with one stone, and do it all in time to make it back to the Queen. Kota smiled to himself, thinking of how good these turns of events had been going in favor of him.

The End

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