Old Beggar TrickMature

“Finally I’m in Faircliff.” The trip took me a little longer than expected but than what do you expect when running into an asteroid field. Needing to blend in I fly my bike into an unused sewer system that leads into the city.

“I remember when I learned that trick.”

Remembering back Alexander remembers the times with his father after the accident. He was still getting used to his nanites. In the process of using his nanites for everyday things he picked up a few tricks. “Father, look at what I can do with my nanites.” Young Alexander focuses hard on his left leg and right arm trying to form something new. His father stands up in astonishment at what he saw. “That is amazing son!” Alexander had formed a solar bike with arm and leg he even created an oxygen system for interstellar flight. His father rushes to his son to congratulate him but falls to his knees looking quite sickly and coughing. “FATHER,” Alexander yells with a teary look in his eyes.

Powering down the bike I put my nanites into stealth mode to make it into the city without being seen and some random passerby thinking it odd for a man to come out of the sewer. Once into the city to walk about getting intel on my target I use my nanites to disguise me as a harmless old man. I ask around the port but no leads on any pirate ship coming in. Knowing this I use my right eye to scan for cloaking technology.

Alexander smiles with glee. He has found Zepher’s ship cloaked as a harmless transport ship. Alexander quietly sneaks onto the ship looking for signs of Zepher and his crew. He first goes to the cargo bay to look for the stolen weapons.

“Good they are here. Now it’s time to look for the pirates.”

No luck finding the pirates here. I jump out of the ship and disguise myself as the old man. Going back to asking questions I hear a fight going on at a local bar nearby. I hide behind some carts and notice some soldiers being forced out of the bar by what looks to be a member of Zepher’s crew. Smiling I wait to see if there is any more activity. I wait for a few more hours and still nothing seems to be happening. In anger I start to walk to the bar.

Alexander suddenly stops himself as Zepher and his crew start leaving the bar drunk and laughing. Alexander depicts that they are heading to the capital though he knows not why. He comes up with a plan on how to track them without being too close to be spotted.

Alexander walks up to the large Mariniun. He taps the monsters shoulder and holds out his hand like a beggar.

“Would a nice young man help out an old geezer such as me?”

Using the nanites to change my facial ques the giant oaf falls for it and hands Alexander some money. What the Mariniun did not know was that as he placed the money in Alexander’s hand he had picked up a little hitch hiker. Alexander had placed a nanites tracker deep in the Mariniun’s fur and was monitoring there every move through the city.

The End

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