Zepher: Drinking in FaircliffMature

Comming out of Hyper drive is always a pain, Zepher thought to himself. Everone was awake and working now getting rady for departure to Faircliff.

"Varakalmi hide the flag turn the camouflage on. I want this ship to look like a normal trading ship."

" Fine, Activating ship camouflaging."

Zepher smiled, he was glad to be going to Faircliff it had been awhile since they had been here. They landed the ship at the main port in sector two beside a trading ship. Zepher put his gear on ready to be off to the bar. He protested when Heather decided to join him, but he couldn't talk her out of it.

"Look why do you have to come along with me Heather." Zepher looked her over as her was walking. She was slumped over hands in her pockets. It was obvious that she was still tired.

She stopped walking and let out a huge yawn stretching her arms out. "Because Zepher, every single time we make port something goes wrong and we end up in some kind of huge fight. Do you know who usually causes the problem. You. So I figured that if I stuck with you this time I might get to start the fight this time." She grinned at him mischievously.

Zepher just laughed. "I should have guessed that's what you were up to. Besides were I'm going you might be able to get as drunk as you want. Sounds nice don't it."

Heather had an inquisitive look on her face. "As drunk as I want huh? Well I guess it's finally time to find my limit huh." She smiled as they continued to walk down the street.

Zepher stopped. "Well here it is Heather. I haven't been here in forever so the bar maid may be different but if it is the same one she won't be happy to see me." Heather raised and eyebrow at him.

"You must really be the lady killer huh. Breaking hearts all over the galaxy. A real sly devil you are."

Zepher rolled his eyes. "That's very funny but that's not the case. You were drunk so you might not remember but the last time we came here I accidentally demolished a wall in her bar."

"Accidentally huh?"

Zepher ignored her opening the entrance to the bar and walking in. The bar was empty. All except for the Barmaid who was sitting at the bar with her head in her arms. Zepher walked over and took a seat beside her. She looked up at him and sighed.

"That is just great. One bad thing after another. What are you doing here pirate."

"Zepher let out a big laugh. "I'm surprised you didn't pull a gun on me the second you saw me. Don't worry I'm not here to destroy the bar again, oh and sorry about that." She got up and walked around the counter.

"Is there anything you would like?"

Heather walked up and sat down beside him. "Yeah captain i do want to tell you the whole crew is going to be coming in a few minutes."

He sighed know that something was bound to happen. "Well Mary, I do want to first pay you back for the damages I caused the last time I was here." Zepher set a large bag of gold coins down on the bar. "Oh and i also have this to pay for drinks for my crew. It seem s they will be joining us."

Mary rolled her eyes and smiled. " I can't understand why they follow a captain like you. Your like a child."

Zepher laughed, I dont know what they see in me either. Go ahead and pour me a burbon."

Mary laughed and poured him a glass. and poured a glass of whiskey for Heather. They chatted about recent things going on and Mary told him how things were going in Faircliff. Around that time the rest of the crew arrived. Everyone order beers and sat at the largest table she had in the bar. The drinks were flowing and the chatter was rich. Zepher was glad to be enjoying himself. Heather was pretty smashed but it didn't seem to affect her motor functions. The only really affect that Zepher could see was her speech. Shinji wasn't drinking any alcohol he's always into health crap like that. Lorana was having fun chatting up a storm with the crew's doctor Hadox who is a Marinium. Mariniums were not very common in fact they were almost extinct their kind have been hunted in fear of their appearance for years. They were really big and had four arm and their body was covered in fur. With his massive size and four arms he could out drink them all. Deshawn and Varakalmi were arm wrestling. Gahli was just sitting at the end of the table watching the door. She never liked to drink but always like to be the one person to stay prepared. It wasn't long before she and Shinji were talking.

Zepher smiled and raised his glass, "A Pirates life for me!" The crew cheered in unison. " ALL HAIL ZEPHER CAPTAIN OF THE STAR STREAM PIRATES!!!"

Three rounds of beer in and the bar doors swung open. Heavily armored solders entered the bar guns trained on the group. The leader of the group stepped forward, he was a Human with deep brown eyes and a black hair. He held out a holo scroll and began to read from it.

"I hear by under the Order of the King place you under arrest Zepher of the Srat Stream Pirates! Do not tyr to resist or we will be forced to use lethal force. Everyone here will be taken to prison and exacuted." He pointed to Mary as well. "You are among them so we will be arresting you for aiding Pirates!"

Zepher Let out a laugh playing off the situation for Mary's benefit. "Aiding us? You certainly are a fool aren't you sir! She is just a convenient hostage its just unlucky that she was the one running this bar at the time."

The crew had gone silent now. Even heather was quiet waiting for a signal from Zepher to attack. Zepher drew one of his Fazer blades tapping it against his boot.

" I don't really think any of you gentlemen would like to die tonight, eh?" Zepher stood up.

"That's far enough pirate scum!" The man had his own pistol drawn pointing at directly at Zepher. The rest of the solders turned their rifles on. The sound of them heating up excited Zepher, he hadn't had a good fight in a while.

"Heather! Dis arm them!"

Heather moved so fast none of the guards had any real time to react. She had her blades drawn and was slicing through the rifles they were holding. Her speed was inhuman and had the soldiers completely shocked after she disarmed them. The only one holding a gun was the leader who Heather had not disarmed.

Zepher let out a laugh making it sound as evil as he could. The leader was shaking now. He couldn't even hold his pistol straight. Zepher walked up to him. "Now let me tell you. The only reason you are even still alive here is because this barmaid has been a good hostage. I didn't want to repay her by covering her floor in blood. So I suggest you get the hell out of here before I decide that I don't give a damn about the floor of her bar."

The mans eyes were white now her dropped his pistol and ran out the door the rest of his men went with him. Zepher patted his shirt and looked and the scuff marks they had left on Mary's floor.

He sighed. "Sorry about the trouble Mary. I didn't realize our bounties had reached out this far. If i had i would have been more discrete. I'll clean these scuff marks up and then im going to talk to the King about these taxes you told me about." He gave her a sharp glance. "Maybe he will change his mind about them. In fact i think its time my crew and I set up some territory. We really haven't been to interested in that kind of thing, but i think the people of Faircliff could benefit from it."

At this Deshawn decided to speak up. " Zepher are you sure that you want to do that. If we set up territory we could anger any pirate crew that might have territory here."

Heather smiled. "I think its a great idea setting up some territory here would be nice." She rubbed her hands together drooling at the mouth. "Especially since lots and lots of noodle shipments come through this sector of the galaxy." Deshawn smacked himself in the face. He turned to the rest of the crew pleading for someone to take his side, but everyone was in favor of it.

Deshawn let out a huge sigh. "Well I guess the it can't be helped. Lets go and introduce our fists to the king."

Zepher walked over and patted him on the back. "That's the spirit. Now lets clean up our mess here and be off to the Capitol to kick some royal ass."

Zepher was glad that there was some action going on now. He was going to get to beat up a king what could be more fun than that?

The End

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