The new kingMature

I cracked my knee on the ground as the two guards threw me into the tiny cell in the dungeons of the palace. “shit. Careful, I’m sure the King would want his valued guest to be in top condition,” I mocked as the guards walked off.

I leant back against the wall on the opposite side of the cell, “damnit,” I muttered massaging my aching knee. I looked round in an attempt to find something that might help me. “hey.... hey,” I looked round the cell to try and find the source of the voice. “hey over here,” I looked into the next cell to see a set of blood red eyes shining out of the darkness. “uh... hi?” I called back. The humanoid creature crept forward dragging chained feet behind him. A wind mage, I’d been through their planet briefly once before. “what have they got you in here for then?” the wind mage asked cheerfully. His upbeat demeanour didn’t exactly fit the setting of a prison.

“I uh... I was caught up with some docking permit rubbish,” I said, unsure as to why I was talking to this mage. He laughed.

“I didn’t even know there was such thing. I got caught under a trading permit, I was basically selling my friend an old kettle that I didn’t want,” he laughed. I smiled unsure of what he was talking about. I instead leant back against the cold hard stone wall, hoping that it wouldn’t be long before I was released or whatever it was the king intended to do with me. The mage had gone back into the shadows of his cell and seemed to be snoring softly. I felt my eyes grow heavy and my head leaned back  against the cold stone as I fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

                                                                *                             *                             *

It seemed like only minutes had passed since I had fallen asleep before I was shaken awake by yet another of the royal guard and dragged to my feet. “the king will see you now,” hissed the creature as it shoved me forward out of the cell door.

“and does the king see every prisoner? I mean surely a small time trader who broke a minor law could just be seen by the small council?” I asked, attempting to find out what was going on. My only answer came as a rough push forward up the stairs towards the main chamber where the so called king would be waiting.

The End

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