A New MissionMature

Kota paced impatiently as he waited to be called into the queens chamber. As he paced he further pondered the reason to his calling here. Two days ago he had received a holomessage from the queen of Xamia herself. Xamia was one of the largest, most renown planets in the galaxy. Those facts of course were part of the reasons why he was wondering why a such important figure, such as the queen would require his company.
         As he was still in thought, the giant chamber doors to the throne room swung open and he was greeted by one of the queens royal subjects who bowed and said;

"The Queen requests your presence." The subject led him down a carpeted path to the throne, whichh was occupied by none other than queen Raquashka herself. He bowed infront of her preffering to not offend anyone and lose his head.

"You may rise, we've no time for pleasantries."

Kota rose and nodded saying, "Your majesty."

"You are probably wondering the reasons to your summons, and why I would deal with scum such as yourself, bounty hunter."

Kota smiled deviously and responded, "I'm glad to know your opinion of me is so high"

"Quite" said the queen. "You are here because i need to you to rid me of someone who has been a problem for too long, and must be rid of."

"And who might this be." he asked questioningly.

"The person I want you to eliminate is none other than the notorious Bron himself. He floods our streets with crime everyday, terrorizing our citizens, murderers, thieves, pirates, all spreading fear throughout the planet because of him."

Kota raised an eyebrow at this and said, "That will be  no easy task, crime lords, especially one like himself, surround themselves with their thugs, as you have described, and are very hard to find, let alone kill."

"Well" the queen spoke, smiling manipulatively "Somebody with the skills of the likes of yours shouldnt have a problem, should they?" 

Kota grinned and responded to the queen saying, "Well when you put it that way, I guess I'd agree. Now of course this assignment would require sufficient-"

"Dont worry about your payment. Upon your successful return you will be properly rewarded for your troubles, and you will leave on your task as soon as possible."

Kota smiled once again, and bowed. "Of course your majesty." With a nod from the queen, he turned on his heel, and walked back down the carpet thinking to himself, the smile still on his face. This could turn out to be very interesting. 



The End

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