Decisions, Decisions, A Mercenary's ChoiceMature

Sitting in a back room of a bar Alexander sits face to face with the meanest crime boss this side of the galaxy has to offer, Bron. He looks like a mud man and and fat brain jelly had a kid. Due to his love of the black market films of the God Father he likes to wear pen stripes and dresses his office up like the do in the movies. Bron sits behind the only light in the room so you can barely see past it. He flaunts the God Father to be " a religious figure," as he so puts it.

"So what does the sleaziest man in the galaxy want with me?" I said to Bron sitting in my chair backwards with my arms resting on the back.

A bulk of a beast standing next to Bron jumps from his post and points his sausage sized finger in Alexander's face. "YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH AROUND THE BOSS, PLAGUE! That is what you go by these days right?"

The gelatinous blob of a man raises his hand to outraged man. "Calm your self, son. We need this man alive to do some much need work for us."

A loud noice is herd from the bar outside. Sounds like someone is being arrested the royal guards can be heard from outside. The three stay quiet and still making sure not to draw attention to the hidden back room.

"Now that farce is over we need  you to take a look at a security video of a supply shipment i had being delivered here just a few days ago"

Bron hands a holo-cube to me with the recording of a shipment security cam. all seems calm. "What is this crap for Bron? If you wanted a heist this simple done you could have gotten someone else, less skilled."

"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT THAT MOUTH OF YOURS." The hulking mass rushes on Alexander. Alexander merely lifts his right hand and has his nanites create blades from his fingers. They stop the hulking mass in his tracks just barely piercing the skin.

"Now what did i say about treating our guest with respect?" Bron gives his son a face of shear disappointment. To not anger his father he chooses to sit back down. Alexander retracts the blades from the man's face. Bron continues, "Its not a heist, well it was but not by our people." He points to the video, "That is one of my weapon supply shipments it was raided by a pirate known as Zepher. Keep watching and see."

I look back down to the video and hit the play button to resume and hopefully end the aching question of to to do now. The video shows 25 maybe 30 men on board. 4 guards at the ships helm with to pilots and a navigator. about 10 guards stationed at turrets mounted to the sides.  I resume my observation. the remaining guards are patrolling the ship. They were armed to the teeth with phase blades and laser rounds, maybe a few plasma launchers here and there. "You have enough security or what?" 

I watched as the Cargo bay was blown open and eight people stepped on board. I looked over them seeing five humans one Trisorean, a Raxin, and a Mariniun. They moved through the Cargo bay taking out the guards with easy like it was a game to them. A rather large muscular human who seemed to be the leader was ripping through the guards like the were weeds being whacked by a mower. when he was done he turned and blew out the cameras with an interesting pistol.

Bron decides to lean further to the light. " I need you to take that man out, retrieve my weapons and ammo, and return back here and we'll talk about the rest of your pay."

I look toward the fat blob. "Give me some info on the man and i'll be on my way."

The son stands up and hands me a map of Faircliff. "Rumor has it they were low on supplies. Our informant says he saw them heading towards that direction."

Bron raises his hand. "Plague, if you can't decide to kill the man or not remember, my respect and trust does not come cheap."

As a way to humor myself i use my nanites to play an old Earth song by the Scissor Sisters called, ironically enough, I Can't Decide.

The End

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