Zepher: Thrill of PiracyMature

Zepher got up slowly looking around his room. It was a small but comfortable room with souvenirs from ships and places he had looted. He got up slowly out of bed heading for his clothes he had thrown lazly in the corner. He got dressed and headed for the door walking up the hall to the bridge. The sound of arguing was the first thing he heard when he reached the bridge.

"ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING I SAID WE AREN'T GOING TO FAIRCLIFF!!"The navigator had a nasty temper and a love for treasure and loot like no other. She's a real piece of work.

"ARG YOU INfFERNAL HUMAN!!! WE NEED TO PORT AT FAIRCLIFF SOS I CAN GET SUPPLIES!!! The engineer was also a piece of work very head strong and always mad when the ship was damaged.

Lorana continued to argue with Varakalmi, "I SAID NO THE KING THERE IS TIGHTENING UP AND I DON'T WANT TO GO TO JAIL."

Zepher smiled as he watched the to of them argue. It was always funny when they disagreed. Well they never really saw eye to eye. Zepher turned his attention to his command chair in the middle of the room. He walked over to it and plopped down wresting his head on his hand waiting to be dragged into the argument.


Zepher let out a laugh, "Now you get me involved? Fine I say we go to Faircliff besides.." Zepher thumbed at his first mate who was sleeping in the corner. "She needs some more ale. I drank it up with her last night after we looted that cargo ship."

At that Lorana smacked her self in the forehead with the palm of her hand. "FINE!!! But if we get busted and sent to prison I'm ringing your hide Zepher!"

Zepher smiled broadly pressing the intercom button on his chair. "Attention everyone we are heading to Faircliff next so sharpen your fazers and polish your guns any authorities we meet will be gunned down. Oh and Shinji will you please make some food im kinda hungry." With that Zepher leaned back in his chair smiling. Lorana was giving him the dirtiest look if she wasn't careful she might kill with that look.

"Oh come on Lorana you cant really be that angry at me i say we go so we go. Im not siding with Varakalmi." At that Varakalmi stopped smiling and trained all four of his eyes on him.

"I got my own reasons for going to Faircliff and Ale is one of them."

Loran walked over to Zepher and put her finger in his chest. "You get me busted and i will beat the stars out of you. She walked over to her seat beside the holo map of the universe legs crossed in irritation. A loud yawn sounded in the corner of the bridge off the Zepher's right.

"So it seams your awake Heather. Or not." The first mate shifted position and fell back asleep.

A few seconds later the door to the bridge slid open and The cook Shinji walked in carrying a tray with some plates on it.

"Zepher i got your meal here but its all you get till we get to Faircliff we are in dire need of everything." Shinji handed him a plate of food that was nothing but a salad.

"Zepher looked up at Shinji. "What the hell is this?!"

"I told you we are now out of everything you guys eat everything up. When we get to Faircliff we need to stock up."


Shinji smacked Zepher in the back of the head. "WELL IF YOU DIDN'T EAT ALL THE TIME!!!!"

Zepher was rubbing the back of his head now. He reluctantly started to eat his salad. Shinji trotted over to Lorana Handing her a plate of tossed salad and some Orange juice. He the walked over to heather and kicked her in the side.

"Hey wake up you drunk."

Shinji placed her plate beside her it was the only thing Heather ever ate. Noodles. She had found a whole mess of them on a Raid they had made on a Cargo transport a few weeks age and now the only thing she ever wants is Noodles. Heather is and old friend of Zepher's she lived on the same space colony as he did and she was the first member of his crew. Heather sat upright the smell of the noodles had obviously gotten to her because she was digging in like it was her last meal.

The door to the bridge slid open again and Gahli walked in her blue hair in a mess. Zepher smiled looking at his pilot.

"Well Gahli are we departing now." She shot him an evil look that said he i just woke up don't push me. She had a piece of bread in her hand and she was munching on it as she sat down in the pilots chair propping her feet up on the console. Zepher stood up and walked over to Heather sitting down beside her.

"Why is everyone so agitated today?" Heather responded by smacking him upside the head.

Swallowing her food she answered him. "Because your and impulsive idiot."

Zepher let out a sigh. "Ok how bout this ill ask Deshawn for some advice on this."

Zepher stood back up and walked to the door of the bridge Going down the hall and taking the last door on his left. He knocked on the door and deep voice spoke up "Come on in Zepher." Zepher opened the door and walked in. Deshawn was sitting in a chair behind his desk fiddling with some pieces of scrap or thats what it looked like to Zepher.

"So Zepher wadya want?" Deshawn had this deep voice that for some reason always made him seem devoid of humor.

"Well I wanted to ask you what you thought of my decision about going to Faircliff. Was it good?"

Deshawn smiled showing his teeth witch seemed even brighter due to his black skin. "Of course you made the right decision we are running low on supplies and Faircliff is the nearest place to get stuff at. Don't second guess yourself Zepher you are a great Captain and you have a great crew here."

Hearing Deshawn tell him this made him feel a little better he thanked him and headed back to the bridge. When he got there everyone was waiting for him.

"You ready to head out captain?" Zepher smiled looking at Gahli


The End

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