A selection of galaxies colonised by various species. Intergalactic pirates, traders, police. Overlords of all galaxies.
The only rule is that you have to interact with at least one other character. You can have as many of your own characters as you like but you must interact with at least one other persons character.

The bar was empty as I walked after docking at the main space port of sector 2, more locally called Faircliff. “Captain Sophia,” the bar maid greeted me cheerfully. “Mary,” I smiled “How’s the best barmaid this side of the galaxy?” She  laughed and handed me my usual JD and coke. Call me old fashioned but I still preferred the old earth drinks.  “so, what’s the gossip?” I said as I took a sip from the tall glass.

“not a lot,” She said, carrying on cleaning a few glasses left on the side. “The capitol increased taxes, and the kings men are terrorising the streets as per usual. Wendy down the street said that things are getting tense now.” I nodded, it’s the same across half the galaxy, the other half are turning into dictatorships.” I sighed, swirling the last dregs of my drink round the bottom of the glass. “It makes my job damn hard.”

“I thought piracy was always hard,” Mary grinned.

“Trading,” I countered, “It’s perfectly legal,” I finished off the last of my drink.

“sure,” She smirked, “anyway how’s the rest of your crew? Jimmy, Joshua?”

“Yeh they’re all pretty good. Your Ryan’s working pretty hard,” I said.

“good good, I’m glad he went with you and yours. There’s no one else I’d trust.” She filled up my glass again just as we heard a crash from outside.

“stay here,” I said as I pulled out my gun and crept up to the side of the door. I waited until Mary ran upstairs before carefully opening the door and stepping out onto the now darkened street I flicked the safety off the gun and crept round the corner.

“Hands up,” a gruff voice came from behind me as I felt the cool metal of a gun press up against the back of my head.

“aww but I was having so much fun,” I said slowly raising my hands. Whoever it was behind me grabbed the gun from my hand and pushed me up against the wall.

“search her the gruff voice said. You have landed without permission on the docks of Faircliff. You must now face the Kings Justice.”

“what? Let me go. You don’t need to land with permission.” I struggled against the Kings men as they turned me round to face the gruff voice. He was one of the Wood Cats a skeletal, semi-liquid race of felines. They have no obvious sensory organs - yet display definite senses of a mysterious nature. They consume energy. They learn quickly They are experts at working the system - any system and so thrive as a guard or a governing system but they’re a ruthless bunch. I rolled my eyes as I realised who it was that had hold of me. There was no point fighting against them.

Well, I thought. It had been a while since I’d seen the Capitol of Faircliff. I might as well go there with a guide.

The End

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