Modernized Romeo and Juliet Ending Act 4 Scene 3

Act 4 Scene 3: A Church in South Central Los Angeles


           Enter ERIK and Gang thug carrying flowers. There is a closed casket in the center of the church. They are alone.




           Hand me those flowers, boy, and go guard the door.

            Do not let anyone enter this place,

            Or if they do, whistle so I can duck out of this room.

            You must not come back, no matter what you hear,

            Unless you wish to be taught a lesson.

            Now leave, go to the front doors,

            And remember my warning.




           [To himself] We do not belong in this place,

            Ghosts of the holy and pure seem to hide in every shadow.

            They beg us to leave, but I must stay, the boss orders me to do so.




            My strong Ava, dead at such a beautiful age,

            Was the thought of marriage to me too much for your poor heart to handle?

            Did the thought send your heart into a happiness that caused your heart to still?



 Enter AVA




           Brother Eli warned me to stay silent,

            But with your ego as big as it is, I cannot.

            I would never marry someone such as you.

            My father must be losing his touch to suggest someone so weak.


           Thug whistles. ERIK grabs AVA and drags her behind the pulpit.

            Enter ETHAN and SAUL, holding flowers.




           Give me those flowers, and then leave.

            If you must stay, then wait outside,

            But leave me alone in silence.

            I will not be watched while I mourn.

            If you want something to do,

            Take this letter to our leaders, my parents.

            Let them know I am back home.




            I will take the letter, and let them know of your news.

            I will not come back to bother you.


           SAUL exits. A scream comes from behind pulpit. AVA runs out in front of ETHAN. They hug each other



            Ava, is that really you?

            I had heard that you were dead.

            Are you alright, why did you scream?


            Enter ERIK




           What is filthy slime like you doing here?

            A member of the Purple Gang has no right to be near us,

            Leave at once, and let Ava go as well. There are things we need to discuss

            Things that do not involve scum like you.




            She will not go with you; you have no right over her.

            But if you will not leave, then I will be forced to shoot.


           Ethan pulls AVA behind him, and pulls out a gun.




           She will soon be my wife; I have enough authority over her.

            Get away from Ava, or there will be a price to pay.

           Erik heads towards AVA. ETHAN and ERIK fight. Both are shot. ERIK dies, and ETHAN falls unconscious from the pain.




            Ethan, Ethan!

            Both Ethan and Erik are dead,

            And my father and the rest of the gang will be here at any moment.

            What should I do? If I survive, the baby will be killed.

            And I do not want my child to live without a father.


            AVA grabs ETHAN’s gun. She puts it up to her head.


           I will end this misery, and stay with my child and Ethan.


           The PURPLE GANG pounds at the entrance. In shock, AVA’s hand slips on the gun. The bullet misses.


            They are here. Please, please, let there be one more bullet in this gun.


           AVA places the gun back to her head and pulls the trigger. She dies, falling on the ground beside ETHAN. ETHAN wakes up.



           Ava, my dear, sweet Ava is dead.

            Killed by a traitorous gun,

            Leaving me all alone.

            The pain from the bullet in my stomach is too much,

            I must drown the pain to think.


           Ethan pulls out a bottle of pills. He takes one from the bottle.


            But why only one, a few more and I can remove this pain forever,

And be with my beautiful Ava.


He grabs a few more pills, swallowing them down.



            Enter Thug and Police Officers




           This is where the noise came from.

 I heard shouts, as well as guns.




           The doors of this church have been broken into,

            Hurry and look around. Search everything!

            What a sad sight. Three are dead.

            Hurry, call for Brother Eli.

            Tell them there are dead in his church.


           Exit other Officers.


           What a sight this is. What could have possibly caused such chaos?


           Re-enter Officers with BROTHER ELI and SAUL





           We have found Brother Eli, and told him of the news.

            Before we could ask any questions,

            He started to weep. He said he knows who has died under his roof.


           Enter DETECTIVE




            Tell me, what is all of this noise?

            We are in a church, in the dead of night,

            What has happened to disturb Brother Eli?


           Enter BLACK SCORPION leaders, DOMINIK and DANIELLE.




            What is all of this noise about, keeping us from sleep?




           Why are their people in the streets, crying and running as we approach?




           Ask these officers, and Brother Eli,

            They know more than me.




           A call was sent in, of gunshots in the church.

            We hurried here to find these three dead.


           Enter leader of the PURPLE GANG, ABRAHAM




What has happened? Where is my son?

            Ethan, where is he?




Listen, and you will hear the story.




           I will tell you what has happened.

            Ava and Ethan met after a night around our city.

            They became drunk, and spent the night together.

            One month later, Ava found out she was carrying a child.

            When she went to find the father, Ethan, she found out who he was,

            Her enemy since birth, a member from the Purple Gang.

            Too terrified to let anyone know, she kept it a secret, until you told her to marry Erik.

            She did not have the courage to object, but she loved Ethan.

            Ava came to me, asking for a way out. I gave her a drug,

            A drug that makes it seems as if she is dead, when she is only sleeping.

            It seems as if from their all went wrong. After that, I can only guess.

            Erik came to say his goodbyes, and spotted Ava.

            At the same time Ethan came, seeing both Ava and Erik.

            Erik was killed, and the two lovers died

So they can be together without worry for their child and themselves.




           What a tragic way to die,

            Too scared of their own parents to admit their love.

            Come Abraham, give me your hand.

            We will declare peace with each other so this will not happen again.

            Do you agree?




           I do agree. This is an unbearable pain.

            My own wife died from the pain of losing her son.

            I do not wish for this to happen again.


They shake hands.




An untimely demise,

Created from a mountain of lies.

When the pile scatters,

And the blood spatters,

A life meets the end of its time.

The End

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