Science Powerpoint about aliens using a nanobot to learn about cells. Searching for everything was a pain in the butt. It was fun to write though!

The two tall gray aliens glanced at each other before looking at the girl. With a few quiet clicks and grunts, they decided she would be a perfect experiment. They went up behind and placed a needle into her arm. The girl didn't feel anything, she just kept on walking. The aliens congratulated one another before walking back to their ship to check on their nanobot.


Back at the ship, a computer was already locking on to the nanobot's location. Once locked on, the computer pulled up the view of what the tiny computer could see. The nanobot jerked as a bright red, disk-like thing came charging after it. There were more following it. The nanobot grabbed on to one and rested in the shallow center. Then it started it's mission, examining the item.


The aliens watched the computer. Information was piling up, layer after layer. Once the information stopped, one of the aliens clicked the first layer. A picture of the red disks sprung up. Next was a chart of information about the object. Oxygen was detected inside of it. That was it. The aliens glanced at each other. Other aliens had told them that the humans had many tiny parts inside of other tiny objects, but this one seemed empty.


The next layer was a video of the object's movement, along with audio. The Aliens noted that when they heard a beating sound, the object seemed to move. Suddenly, the rounded object let out it's oxygen and turned a dark red. Confused by the sudden change, the aliens typed in their findings in the large computer.


“The object is call a 'red blood cell'. According to the humans, this cell is extremely important, without it, they would die.” They wrote down all of their findings before ordering the nanobot to move again.


The nanobot did not have time to move before larger white balls came towards it. They moved on tiny legs, like millipedes. It tried to move, but one caught it and absorbed it. The nanobot took advantage of the situation, flashing it's tiny camera around and taking data.


Back at the spaceship, the aliens were looking at the pictures. This object was much more like what they had heard about, lots of other tiny objects inside of it. There was a nucleus, a few chloroplasts, ribosomes, a vesicle, and when the nanobot turned around, they could make out a plasma membrane. Delighted, the aliens clicked and grunted. They typed in the information again in the computer. Again the voice called out.


“This object is called a 'white blood cell'. Specifically, this is a 'Lymphocyte T Cell'. It's job is to kill off intruding bacteria. Without it, humans would die from sickness.”


Overjoyed by their findings, the aliens decided their would be time for one more sample before the nanobot died. The nanobot slipped out of the cell. Immediately, the white blood cells chased after it. The nanobot slipped out of the blood vein and weaved around the rest of the body, trying to throw off the attacking cells. It stopped in front of a long white object. The aliens remembered this being called a bone. They sent the nanobot closer to the bone to search for samples.


The Nanobot stopped in front of a strange shape. Almost a circle, but uneven. The nanobot crawled inside of the object, careful not to disturb it's work. The nanobot observed the cytoplasm surrounding it. There was also the smooth ER, the rough ER, mitochondria, and a Golgi apparatus.

This time, the computer spoke up by itself.


“This one is called an 'osteoblast'. They help with building bones and bone rejuvenation. Without them, bones would become brittle and weak. When the osteoblast fills in an area, it becomes flat.” The aliens clicked energetically, amazed that they had found so much in the first try. The nanobot's computer turned blank, signaling the end of it's battery life. The nanobot would be flushed out of the body eventually, causing no harm in the process.


The aliens wrote down all of their information before sending it to the spaceship waiting outside of the planet. The aliens up there would take the information and work on making artificial bodies. Soon enough they could live among the humans without anyone ever knowing.


The End

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