Kenneth: My GirlMature

I watched Eric turn around and run off to hang with his Epic crew. Interesting kid, funny, but his head was large. He had an ego bigger then a skyscraper, and one day it was probably going to get demolished. But whatever.  I was kinda miffed that he made the physcic reference, because being an Angel im supposed to have physcic powers, but that has yet to happen. 

I walked down the hall, when behind me i heard a familiar voice yell out my name. Behind me a girl ran up and gave me a hug from behind. 

"Guess Who!" She yelled

"Judging from the size 7 shoes. the vanilla perfume, and the voice, i'm guessing...Vanessa?" I said with a grin on my face. I turned around to see her beautiful green eyes look up at me. 

I leaned over and kissed her. Man were our kisses addictive. It was like, smoking, every time i was around her i just had to feel her lips touch mine, and have the shock shoot threw my body. 

"How are you doing hun?" She asked, taking my hand and walking down the hall with me. 

"Fine, worried about that new kid tho." I replied

"The orange haired geek? Why bother?" She asked chuckling

"I'm not sure, but i think he's part of somthing, anyways, i gotta get going," I said as i reached the door to the dorms "I love you" 

"I love you two hun. Hey, you going to sneak over to my dorm for a bit know" She said with a sneaky grin growing on her face

"I can't, i've got loads of homework...tomorow night tho okay?" I said smiling

She frowned for a second, then kissed me goodnight and walked over too the girls dorms. Damn was she beautiful. Anyways, it was time to go to my room and get ready for Spy Night, because tonight, i was going to find out exactly what Laura wanted with that Geek. 

The End

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