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Eric West

I break away from the crowd that was filling the gym after match in the gym where the teachers where analyzing how our powers were developing. I had came out on top, but what can I say I'm an epic, i've got best of both worlds. I' m Sporty as well as I've got some energy that I can throw around giving me some powerful  attacks that only a fellow epic could match. Unfortunately as well as being pretty well known over the school my confidence appears to be boosting my powers ahead of the others. Still being well known wasn't necessarily an asset, because I don't like people being all over me because I'm the coolest thing since Joey Brosver left. Man I wish he was back because I had some people I wanted meet with especially that new kid that I heard was greeted by Laura.  No its not because I'm jealous, sure she was attractive but I have something against dogs, especially Joseph who has messed with the hearts of my friends among other things I shouldn't mention.

Even though the guy pissed me off at the same time I couldn't help but respect him for his mastering of his category and be slightly jealous of the guys control over women. I casted the thoughts aside though as I finally got myself away from the massive crowd. I did say a few nice things and accepted compliments but I wanted to figure this Laura girl out she is fairly suspicious along with a few people. Who all get together even though they are least likely to come together. So I took some time out of everyday studying these misfits. Trying to figure out why, and other questions I can't quite remember at the moment.

Running down the hallways I meet the orange headed boy talking to that angel kid outside of the principles office.

"Damnit. I wanted to talk to him without him overhearing everything because knowing him he is going answers quicker then I can." I mumble to myself. Oh did I mention I'm pretty competitive with everything? Well I am so now you know. I calm my self down before walking in to apprehend the  newbie.

"Ken, hey... Wait I don't think I've met you yet. You must be new because I know everyone here. And for the most part I'm everyone's friend say the few people who I can't stand or can't stand me."

"Oh, well I was just telling kenneth, my name is James,James Hunter." He says quite seriously, I smile.

"Nice bond thing, James, or should I say Hunter thing. My name is Eric West, and I'm an epic. Oh which begs the question what are you?"

"He is a geek."  Ken says

"I'm a hope.. yeah geek." he says. I frown quickly but push it away he was about to say something else, but didn't let it quite slip up. I will have to drill this kid harder later, or befriend him, if I can he didn't seem to happy being around me.

"Anyway, you guys can you help me get to my quarters, I really want to just settle in.  And if you want to know anything about me, I can tell you I never miss a meal so you can meet me in the food court, later perhaps." He laughs nervously before taking off.

I know a lot of geeks and all of them are pretty quite similar but this guy, he was nervous and but like a geek socially awkward like a turtle.

"I guess you know about the meeting between him and Laura. I can see in your face the curiosity behind something." Ken remarks.

"Either that or your a mind reader, pal you seem to know everything I swear. Anyways you going to be with the preps tonight? Cuz that's where the epics and I are going to be at the food court,and perhaps afterwards at the theatre or outside depending on the movie."

"Perhaps, not sure I have some obligations to attend to."

"I see." I say before turning away.

"See you at the food court Ken." I say waving my right hand dismissively.

I didn't know what to think of Ken, I knew he was an angel, and he seemed pretty goodie goodie two shoes to me. But he never ceased to amaze me in uncanny ability of knowing things and being in the right places at the right time. Still I considered him a friend even though I had no Idea how he considered me. I rounded to corner meeting up with a mix of epics and preppies. School had ended and the weekend of fun was coming in.

The End

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