Kenneth: New Kid in TownMature

You know, when i was growing up i never considered myself a religious person. I mean, i went to church, did the whole confession, sermon, Sunday school deal, but i don't think i really believed. But the thing that always interested me was Angels. Back then i'd be able to come up with a million reasons why, but now i'm not entirely sure. 

Growing up i was always the golden boy. I swear, Mother's used my name more in their house then their own sons! I was an example, it was always 

"KENNETH would eat the food i put in front of him!" 

"KENNETH would do the chores i ask him to do!" 

And Other things, But by the time i was 14 i was just so tired of it all. And when i saw the sign up sheet too a special test that could somehow get me out of all this, i leapt at the chance. Of coarse i know now that it was just a set up to get me to come to this stupid school, and i realized that right away as i got into the gym to start, and nobody execpt for me, and the man in a green suit. 

I probably shouldn't talk about this. I can't even think about the horrible things they would do to me if people found out about the secret testing they do. Oh god. 

Anyways, back to the story. I was lying down on the roof, just sucking in some of the beautiful Vitamin D, when i saw a new kid standing at the door talking to that Dog, Laura. Interesting, Generally they don't come on to guys until AFTER they've spent a week at school. 

She whispered something in his ear and then ran off. Huh, Laura was acting different. Maybe this was love at first site. But i'm guessing that was just a pack of crap. My guess is new kid had something she wanted. But by his lame orange hair and sandles, i can't even begin to imagine what that is. 

But whatever, i yawned then let my wings stretch out a bit. It hurt lying down sometimes, but theres nothing i could really do about it is there? It was just a part of being an angel. I jumped off the roof and flew down to the door. The kid had ran off, interesting. Especially since a newbie kid like that would probably be staying here waiting for someone to help him get to his first class. He was acting like he had guilt on his chest, and i was going to get to the bottom of it 

The End

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