Instituition of cliquesMature

In the instituion of cliques teens with a strange abilities are sent there. There ability is determined by the personality and the clique they fit in with. Gor example Jocks have amazing atheletic abilities, while geeks.gamers are able to control articles of gaming or perhaps even copy an attack from the video game or anime. However in this instituition no matter how hard the authroities step in all the cliques still fight eachother in horrible battles. While in the background and in secret th



My mom quickly unloads my bags from the S.U.V before driving away at hasty speed happily getting rid of me to this peculiar brick walled institution. Which was apparently for cliques. Whatever that was supposed to mean. I never fitted in a clique I was sort of this out cast who read manga's, watched anime's , and add a sweet spots for romances. But I never really had a friend or a group of people who you could really stereotype into a clique. I was always a drifter never stayed around the same people for too long. However that was due to strange events that always happened around e. Sometimes I swear the things that reminded me of something I saw in an anime,but it just didn't fit logically. I'm in reality not in the epic fictional world.

As I step into the building I'm quickly ambushed by a blond haired girl with a really cute face that appeared to be blushing. I also couldn't but seeing that she was wearing a pink jacket over top of rather revealing white shirt, and a mini skirt. I instantly felt very uncomfortable, especially because she was looking directly at me.

"Ah, hi. I'm sorta of new here erm." I say having trouble.

"Yeah I know that's why I'm here to get you before someone else figures out what you are. My name is Laura, and I know your name is Jame's  Hunter. This may seem confusing to you at first but it will slowly make more sense while you spend time here you will quickly understand. All of us at H.R and H.E are 100 percent sure your are on us." She says confusing pretty much every single cell in my body, brings her lips to my ears and then whispers, " You are a hopeless romance, you have the ability to make others fall in love."

" Um Laura, I couldn't get a girlfriend even if that girl liked me, what are drivelling on about?" I say now confused more than ever. She places a palm on her face.

"Why don't they ever give them a quick lesson on what the deal is here? Alright in the most simplistic way I can explain. You are one of the very few people on earth who's personality is so strong it has developed a power that can manipulate others. Scientifically the math is harder then quantum physics but all in all its natures biggest miracle. Anyways getting back onto topic you personality profile shows that you do like romances and happy endings, therefore your personality should have developed a power to cause romances around you. Do you understand a bit better now?"

" A little more than a minute ago but erm by powers I never made anyone fall in love or anything like that but I.."

"No time to waste I will be at your quarters when the Dean has finished showing you around and placing you in a clique. Also don't mention a word about this meeting alright. Everything will make sense soon."

Then laura ran off down the hallway leaving me confused even more then I was before she said all of that. Still I liked the idea a girl would meet me at my room later so I made extra careful I wouldn't say a word to anyone about what had just happened even though I had no idea of what just happened."

The End

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