1) Nonchalant (it makes you sound really sophisticated without even trying - hence the definition ;D)

2) Chuckle (Just makes me nauseous for some reason -.-)

3) An inspirational movie, song, piece of art, etc. (I do believe great art can breed great art)

5) Work days and Fritos (Don't ask)

6) Dayyuuumm (there's a nice hint of diversity in dialect about that one)

7) Faint music in the background, the kind I can never figure out the source to.

8) People rubbing their hands all over cardboard, it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. *Facepalm* 

9) I would love to be a poet and novelist :) but the best job in the world IMO would be a Voice actor/actress .. sounds like the best job everrrrr

10) A Lifeguard .. I'm not a very strong swimmer.. I would feel really bad if someone started to drown and all I could say was "My bad... I'm really not a smart choice for this job!!"   

11) "Sup Homie?  Don't worry.. we have Starbucks here .." My face ----> (^_^)   

The End

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